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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ho Ho Ho Read-A-Thon Word Scramble Challenge

Welcome! Come in, come in. Make yourself at home. Have a drink, get cozy on the couch, push the cat out of your way.

I am excited to start the Ho Ho Ho read-a-thon. I have an ambitious list of books to read and I really want to get through them all. But all that reading can get tiring and a change of pace is needed. So I have a word scramble for you today. Below, I've taken the titles of nine Christmas romances and scrambled them up. Now, Christmas is about being nice, but I have an evil streak so I have removed all capitalization, punctuation, and spacing. Thus, Ho Ho Ho Read-a-Thon becomes hohohoreadathon. Except that for the challenge I moved the letters around. You have to figure out the titles. For each title you unlock, go to the corresponding rafflecopter entry and enter your guess. The prize for your efforts? A Kindle book of your choice from Amazon, up to $10US. Good luck and have fun!

The Titles: 

  1. rmsnaycisialwaofolstituhr
  2. mldayrenhoiha
  3. ejilmnrsttgcleihliatas
  4. ntaehytgnsiotlhu
  5. erwiathtasmlsaichs
  6. tchrssismyebaaimth
  7. rhatsesmetracfohtih
  8. teossteahins
  9. memaitglctieos

Because I'm not totally evil *shifts eyes* and I don't want coal in my stocking, here are some hints:

  • Most of the titles were released this fall while a few came out in the past 3 years.
  • 5 of the titles contain the word 'Christmas'
  • They are all romances.
  • 3 of the books have 3 word titles, 4 of the books have 4 word titles, 1 has 2 words in the title, and 1 has 7 seven words in the title.
ETA: Additional Clues - as promised, here's some extra help. When I looked at the rafflecopter entries, there were several titles with no answers or that had only one.

#2 The title has 3 words and can be found on my reading list (see link earlier in post. What? I can't make it too easy.) 
#3 has a 4 word title and is on my reading list. 
#4 has a 4 word title, is an anthology, and on my reading list.
#5 has a 4 word title, one word is all caps, and is also on my reading list.

Apparently, the 4 word titles are really messing with people. Surprisingly, the 7 word title has been answered by many people. But then, it's no secret that that author is one of my favorites. :) Oh look, another clue! :D

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  1. Oh what far I got one. Great challenge, and yes you need coffee before starting this one! Happy Reading!

  2. I almost forgot..thank you for are the perfect Elf :)

  3. OMG, these are hard. I have 2 of them as ARCs, I think, but the others are baffling me. I may have to come back later!

    1. I think you do and some have been reviewed already on blogs we follow.

      Over the weekend, I'll provide more clues. I want to challenge people, not drive them crazy! :D

  4. Hi Bea!
    I've ONLY gotten ONE, maybe 2! Question: #2 - Could that possibly have 1 extra 'h' in it? I keep working and working it, but . . . it seems like one h should be a 'd'???
    I would LOVE a clue for #2!!!
    GREAT if not the HARDEST challenge!!
    Laurie Here - Cont Fiction and MORE

    1. Hi Laurie, I double checked to see if I messed up (that was my fear when I set this up; as if it weren't hard enough already!). The letters are correct, 2 h's, 1 d.

      I'll post some extra clues tomorrow, see if that makes them a bit easier to do.

    2. Looking at the entries so far, I see that only one person has gotten number two so I will post a clue tomorrow.

    3. Thanks for checking, Bea! Yes, that would be hard to mix them up! I never thought of that! GREAT job! Thanks for helping!

    4. I got them ALL!!!!!!!!! Wooooo-hoooooo!!! I did it with ZERO clues!!! Only took me 4 days!! LOLOL!!
      Thanks, Bea!!! This was a FUN one!!!

  5. These are kinda tough, I gotta get working on these! :)

  6. Girl! Those are hard. I'm going to have to come back and try first thing in the morning when my old brain is a little fresher and fueled with coffee. LOL.

    1. Coffee is good. :) You can do it!


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