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Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: Tarnished Knight by Shiloh Walker

Book Blurb: The mind forgets, but the body remembers. Everything.

Grimm’s Circle, Book 4

One look at Jack Wallace and Perci knows he’s going to be trouble. Even surrounded by soul stealers, he’s a one-man wrecking crew. What does he need Grimm training for? He’s already hell on earth, a warrior bent on destruction. And something…more.

He’s too strong and fast to be a mere mortal. Even covered in blood, he makes her forget she’s only here to do a job and get out. It’s twisted. Sick. She hasn’t felt this alive in three centuries.

Born with a natural talent for killing unnatural things, Jack has always known things he shouldn’t. The fact that Perci is one of them glows all over her. Giving him an unholy urge to see just how far he can push her before don’t touch me melts into touch me there.

When they come together, it isn’t careful or cautious. It’s heaven and hell, exposing all their raw and wounded places to healing heat, resurrecting memories of a destined love from the distant past. But the evil that destroyed them once before has tracked them here, threatening their second and last chance at forever. Demanding a sacrifice no one—Grimm or human—should ever be asked to make…

Warning: Dark, sexy, a little bit scary—this fairy tale is only for grownups and is best saved for bedtime.

***Warning: Mild Spoilers Below***

My Thoughts:  Ok, first a confession. Prior to reading this book, I had read only one book by Ms. Walker. Actually, I tried to read a book, Through the Veil, but I couldn't even finish it. A friend had recommended it so I got it from my library and once I started it, had zero interest in it. Then some acquaintances at Goodreads suggested the Grimm series and when I looked it up, it sounded right up my alley. Then, last week, when I was logged into Twitter, Ms Walker tweeted that she was looking for some people to review Tarnished Knight, provided that they could read it and get the review up before it's release tomorrow, the 26th. (Yes, I know, I squeaked in under the wire). I eagerly responded and to my surprise I was one of the reviewers that she picked. I was surprised because my blog is so new, so small, and not at all well known. Still, I was very happy.

      I'm still happy. I really enjoyed this book. Walker has taken Grimm's fairy tales, updated them, and given them her own spin. I've always loved fairy tales, and I'm a sucker for a well-done update. Many readers don't realize or have forgotten that the original fairy tales were not in the least "child friendly" as we in this century would define it. They were bloody, gory, sometimes erotic tales that were usually meant as cautionary tales. Ms Walker has kept that spirit.

     The Grimm are supernatural beings,who fight demons and who, some of them anyway, were humans in  a prior life. Walker takes a fairy tale, tweaks it, and brings those characters into her world, making them Grimm. For this book she has used Rapunzel, or more accurately, an older lesser known version, called Persinette. I wasn't familiar with it but it has commonalities with some versions of Rapunzel that I've read.

     Perci, AKA Persinette survived her fairy tale, as did her husband, and they became Grimm. They did not, however, get an HEA. Enter Jack, who is not  Grimm but who has some of their abilities and is aware of their existence. Perci is emotionally broken and her pain feels very real. She is smart, sexy, and strong in some ways while weak in others. Jack is also not emotionally whole. Together, sparks fly but they connect emotionally as well as sexually. The story is sexy and fast paced, the characters well-written and believable. I hadn't read the preceding stories which was not a problem; Ms Walker does a very nice job of keeping it a stand alone story while smoothly working in series details and background without doing the dreaded info dump.

I enjoyed this story very much and will be adding the others to my TBR pile.

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: 10/26/2010

This book was received as a PDF from the author.


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  1. :) thanks for the review... glad you liked it!

    The Perci thing happened because I COULDN'T THINK of a nickname for Rapunzel, you know... I just couldn't. While I was researching, came across Percinette, and it made me go hmmmm....


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