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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cat Thursday - Okay, We Can Share

 Welcome to the weekly meme hosted by The True Book Addict that celebrates cats; their foibles and humorousness and the joy they bring. You can join in by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you made or came across, cat art or share with us pics of your own felines, then post your link up at The True Book Addict.

Goof and Claude are making progress towards tolerating each other. They shared the window for about 5 minutes before Claude jumped down. :) Claude is the cat on the left (gray, slim) and Goof is on the right  (tubby tabby).



  1. Aws that 2nd one. They look so sweet. Good going guys!

  2. We have one window that our first cat (2 years old) has claimed. Our kitten (6ish months), tries so hard to jump up on it, but his legs are too stubby yet lol. The one time he did manage to get half his body onto the ledge, our other cat knocked him off lol!

  3. I think iIsaw the same thing at my house when I had two cats.

  4. That's great that they are that close by the window. My girls love each other but still won't get that close.

  5. Makin' friends...awwww. Tubby tabby. You gave me a chuckle. ;)


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