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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bea Reviews Parenting Books Guide: Quick Secrets for Parenting Toddlers by Monica McBride

Parenting Books Guide: Quick Secrets for Parenting Toddlers, Easy Toddler Discipline Tips and Help for Toddler Behavior Problems
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Format Read: Kindle Book
Source: Owned by the reviewer
Release Date: October 13, 2011
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Blurb from goodreads:

So you think you weathered through the worst having nursed and cared for a colicky infant? You are probably looking forward to enjoying a restful sleep after seemingly endless months of waking up every 30 minutes or so. Well, you’re in for a surprise! As soon as your child hits the toddler age, you’re faced with a whole new set of challenges that will make 9 months of being pregnant seem like a walk in the park.

Make no mistake, parenting is profoundly rewarding. As your child turns two, you will no doubt enjoy watching your toddler knock out one milestone after another. At this stage, toddlers start to walk, talk, explore and discover the world beyond the safety and comfort of their parent’s protective embrace. They will also start to develop their own unique personalities and little by little start to assert their independence.

Stating that toddlers are a handful is a gross understatement. When you really think about it, it’s quite astonishing how a tiny child can effortlessly turn our worlds upside down and inside out.

Along with the immeasurable joy and sense of fulfillment, raising a toddler can also be extremely frustrating and exhausting. This book aims to provide parents a helping hand in weathering and making the most out of what is unarguably one of the most turbulent phases in child development. This book offers practical yet highly effective and time-tested tips, tricks, and valuable information on toddler rearing, helping frazzled parents maintain their sanity as they undertake one toddler issue after another.

Quick Secrets For Parenting Toddlers, Easy Toddler Discipline Tips and Help For Toddler Behavior Problems discusses positive parenting approaches in tackling different toddler issues -- from picky eating to potty training, from handling tantrums to teaching manners and instilling discipline at an early age. In this book, you will find a wealth of information to help you go through the overwhelming roller coaster ride of bringing up a child under 5 years old. This book serves as an ideal companion for parents negotiating the pleasures and perils of raising toddlers.

Toddlers can be overly demanding and draining. One minute they can be all sweet and cuddly but temperamental and unreasonable the next. Coping with the regular ups and downs can easily leave parents feeling confused, irritated and inadequate. This book provides effective ideas and fresh insights on handling common day-to-day problems faced by most toddler parents. It serves as a reliable guide on how to be a sensible and sensitive parent and teaches you how to best look after your child and yourself.

Veering away from the high and mighty, philosophical approach, you will easily experience a degree of warmth and understanding written by someone who possesses extensive experience in parenting and hands-on knowledge on typical toddler rearing dilemmas – giving priceless advice from one parent to another.

When it comes to toddler parenting, you definitely want to skip and avoid the trial and error part and handle your child the best way possible. After all, we only want the best for our children, right? This book will not only provide you tips on what to do and how to handle specific situations, but will also help you in building a strong and solid foundation for forging a nurturing parent-child relationship.

Be able to create and maintain that sane, peaceful family life by learning invaluable principles, techniques and strategies to raise your toddler in a happy environment. By raising a cheerful child, you will have more time to thoroughly enjoy every interaction and milestone throughout the toddler years.


Bea's Thoughts:

I downloaded this book hoping it would be one I could recommend to parents at the school where I teach. The book started off well, not counting the poor proofreading. McBride gave some basic developmental info and seemed to be a proponent of developmentally appropriate practices, where your expectations and goals are based on the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development of the child.

Unfortunately, McBride is inconsistent in her application of knowledge and at times didn't seem to understand toddlers at all. At one point she describes stranger anxiety, which is a normal developmental phase for infants, as a behavior that could be 'cured'. Stranger anxiety is not a behavior, it's a condition, and you can help your child cope but you can't cure it. There are nuggets of good information, such as most of her feeding suggestions, but they are outweighed by the wrong information and bad advice. Don't even get me started on her literacy and mathematics section; she apparently forget she was supposed to be focusing on toddlers.

Most of the tips McBride provides are absurdly basic and simple but maybe they seem that way to me because I've been teaching and caring for toddlers for over 20 years. First time parents might be able to find some useful tips, if they're willing to dig.

Add in the poor quality of the writing and I just can't recommend this book to anyone. When I started reading, I thought it just needed a better proofreader but then I read more and wondered if maybe English was the author's second language and by the 50% mark I was wondering if it was a poorly done translation from another language into English. I couldn't find any info on the author so I am going with she threw something together, didn't look it over, didn't have anyone else look it over, and essentially published her first draft.

Don't waste your time with this book.


  1. This is why I stay away from parenting books because some of these people are posers or haven't really raised human beings yet to be acting like experts.

    1. I have no idea what her credentials are but it's authors such as her who give experts a bad reputation. I am always reading up, looking for good books for teachers and for parents. This wasn't one of them.


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