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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cat Thursday - Death by Licking

 Welcome to the weekly meme hosted by The True Book Addict that celebrates cats; their foibles and humorousness and the joy they bring. You can join in by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you made or came across, cat art or share with us pics of your own felines, then post your link up at The True Book Addict

Goof loves to lick me. I'd go so far as to say it's a fetish. I've never had a cat who licks me as much as he does. He primarily licks my hands and arms but occasionally licks my hair.  A friend suggested that it might be my lotion but I've used a few different ones over the years so that's probably not it. Plus he doesn't really lick my legs or feet. 

Sometimes he licks for just a few minutes but other times, he will lick for 10 to 15 minutes and damn, his tongue is rough, harsh even. It feels as if my skin is being sandpapered off. I'll look to see if I'm missing skin or if I'm bleeding but I never am. Even when it feels as if I should be. :D If I pull away, he'll usually stop but sometimes he's determined to lick me regardless. :P

I was able to grab my cell phone with my free hand and take this picture. He was gonna lick me no matter what I wanted!

Do you any of you have lickers? What fetishes do your cats have?


  1. Chloe Jo is very oral, and loves to groom everyone, just as she loves to be groomed. I bottle fed her, so I think she thinks I am her real mom...well, I guess she is right!

  2. My cat loves to have her white tummy rubbed. She also likes her ears rubbed gently. Come to think of it she has a lot of fetishes. Enjoyed your cat photo.

  3. Piper is a licker too. He mostly licks my husband though he licks me sometimes too...on the hand or arm as well and it can go on for a good 10-20min I can feel your pain...literally! lol I just chalked it up to saltyness...not that I'm sweaty or anything when he does it...but sometimes my husband is and I think that may be how he got in the habit? Who knows.

    My Milo who passed a few years ago would go crazy licking and biting me if I used a lotion with mint in it.

  4. Don't have a cat but I do have a Jack Russell terrier who like to dig up the bed with me in it :0)

  5. Yes, ma'am! Arya is a licker. It actually started out as sucking. When she was younger, if my arm was bare, she would suckle in the crease of my elbow and also the palm of my hand. So weird! I had never had a cat do that. Now she is like Goof...she licks my arms. She has even licked my face on occasion. Yesterday, I had short sleeves on to sleep for the first time and she like to drove me crazy. And I know it's not any particular lotion I've used because she does it no matter what I'm using. Glad to hear that she's not the only one who does it. :)


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