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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Kindle Fire HD Origami Case

Back before Christmas I splurged and got a 7" Fire HD tablet for half price including tax. At the time I didn't have the funds to also get a cover but I knew I wanted one, to keep my investment safe. Recently I bought one and I included it in my Sunday Book Share post. It generated a lot of interest so I thought I'd do a review of it.

The model I ordered was the Amazon Kindle Fire HD Standing Polyurethane Origami Case* in purple for the new 7" Fire HD so let me start with the fit. It's a very snug fit and I had some trouble getting my Fire to fit in it. Besides being a tight fit, I was working with an injured hand and I think that contributed to my difficulties getting the cover on. Since it is such a tight fit, if you anticipate removing your tablet on a regular basis, this might not be the best style for you. The cover is also available for the larger, 8.9" Fire HD* and both sizes are available in leather* or polyurethane in different colors. I opted for the poly as it's cheaper and should be easy to keep clean. When the case is closed the Fire is completely covered except for the ports for the charger and the earphones. The case uses magnets to seal closed and so far it has not opened accidentally.


To operate the power button and the volume button, just push lightly on the built-in buttons. Stupidly, when I first got the cover, I thought the cover buttons were just push-out tabs that opened to the buttons on the Kindle. When I couldn't push them out, I realized I was wrong. The buttons on the cover are functional, not decorative. At this point, I should mention that the cover doesn't come with any directions, not even pictures on the packaging.

Now, the cover is not just a case for holding the Kindle but also a stand. That's where the origami comes in. The top of the cover, when opened, can lay flat, or you can fold along the lines to make a sturdy stand. It works both in portrait and in landscape, on soft surfaces such as my couch's throw pillow, and on study flat surfaces such as my coffee table, and on in-between surfaces such as my lap. I use my tablet for watching tv shows and movies quite often so I am loving the stand feature; it's why I chose the origami case over other covers.

The interior of the front cover is microfiber so your screen stays protected and clean when not in use. The rest of the cover is polyurethane, easily cleaned with a damp cloth. When you close the front cover, your Kindle goes into sleep mode and when you open it, the Kindle wakes. I discovered when listening to music on my Fire that if I close the cover the music keeps playing. But if I close the cover during a movie (or tv show) the Kindle goes to sleep, after a slight delay of maybe 3 seconds. The case is about 7 ounces so it does add some weight to the Kindle but I think it's well worth it to keep your Kindle safe when stuffed in a bag/briefcase/purse/whatever.

I love the case so far and am delighted that I bought it. It's almost as much fun as the Fire itself. :D

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  1. That's neat the way it folds for you to read. I like that. lol. Glad you like it.


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