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Monday, January 20, 2014

Quote-Tastic #32 I wouldn't have time to make friends.

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This weekend I got to meet SF/F author Tanya Huff and have books signed by her so I thought I'd share a quote by her. This is from Blood Pact, book four in the Blood books. Vicki, a human woman, is involved with both a human man, Mike, and a male vampire, Henry.
 She glared at him for a moment longer, then sighed. "All right. Valid point. But I think you two are getting along too god-damned well."
"Wouldn't it make things easier for you if Detective-Sergeant Celluci and I got along?"
"That depends." She sank back against the sofa cushions and added dryly, "On how well you get along."
"Vicki!" Her name dripped with exaggerated shock. "Surely you don't think..."
It took her a moment to catch the implication and when she did, she couldn't stop herself from giggling. It had to be exhaustion; she never giggled. "You wish. Michael Celluci is straight enough to draw lines with."


Celluci started to ask, For what?, but he bit it back. Something in Henry's tone-he'd call it honesty if forced to put a name to it-denied a facetious response. Instead, he nodded, once, and asked, "What would you have done if she'd said no?" Even before the last word left his mouth, he wondered why he was asking.
Henry's gesture seemed to move past the overlapping yellow-white of the streetlights, "We're in the the middle of a small city, Detective. I'd have managed."
"You'd have gone to a stranger?"
Red-gold brows, darkened by shadow, rose. "Well, I wouldn't have had time to make friends."
Sure, take the cheap shot. "Don't you know there's a f***ing epidemic on?" (This is during the height of the AIDS epidemic ~ Bea)
"It's a disease of the blood, Detective. I know when someone is infected and am therefore able to avoid it."

Have you read the Blood books? What did you think of Huff's version of vampires?

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  1. Ooo hadn't heard of these. Gonna check em out.

  2. Im with Anna, I'll have to check these out. Thanks for the quotes.

    -Amanda P

    Where the Night Kind Roam

  3. Awesome you met the author. So excited for you. I love that the vampire hero is name Henry. Do not see a sexy name like Henry in novels especially Paranormal for Vampires. Interesting quotes. The cover seems more on the horror side.


  4. There is an element of horror to the series but they're more urban fantasy. Huff was writing UF before it was so popular.


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