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Friday, December 27, 2013

Review of Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter

Publisher: ROC Fantasy
Series: Jane Yellowrock #4
Format Read: paperback
Source: the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: January 3, 2012
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Blurb from goodreads:

The vampires of Asheville, North Carolina, want to establish their own clan, but since they owe loyalty to the Master Vampire of New Orleans they must work out the terms with him. To come up with an equitable solution, he sends an envoy with the best bodyguard blood money can buy: Jane Yellowrock.

But when a group of local campers are attacked by something fanged, Jane goes from escort to investigator. Unless she wants to face a very angry mast vampire, she will have to work overtime to find the killer. It's a good thing she's worth every penny.

Bea's Thoughts:

If you haven't read the previous three books, put this one down and go get them. The events in this book are the result of events in the earlier books; the consequences must be dealt with and events that seemed to be connected one way or not all are shown to have unexpected connections. Many plot threads are wrapped up in this while new ones are opened up. Despite all the action, the story dragged at times; some scenes were too long and others weren't really necessary. Or maybe they will in fact be necessary for a future book but they didn't feel necessary in this book.

There is more to the book than action, it's also a character driven book. I love the relationship between Jane and Beast as well as the whole concept. Hunter does a fantastic job making Jane and Beast separate characters and not going overboard on the anthropomorphising of Beast. Beast really exerts herself in this story, letting Jane know exactly what she wants. As usual, Jane's personal life is chaotic and I really, really disliked Evan, Big Evan not Little Evan, in this story. Big Evan is the husband of Jane's best friend Molly and he is unreasonable in assigning blame to Jane and Jane is all too willing to let him. Being Jane's friend is sometimes dangerous for Milly and her family, and Jane's all too willing to accept the guilt, whether or not she's at fault. She's a contradiction - a devout Christian raised in the white world exploring her Cherokee heritage and religion, a vampire hunter who works for a vampire, a loner who's circle of loved ones keeps expanding, and a shifter who's not a were. She's a fascinating character and she and Beast are the reason I read this series. I don't care about vampire politics or were politics; those are common story fodder in UF stories. Give me more Jane and Beast, more of her friends, and add in just enough action to spice things and I'm a happy girl.

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  1. Haven't read that series yet, but I added it on my list thanks to you ;)

    1. I hope you'll enjoy it! Let me know how you like it.


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