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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Excerpt from Love Gone Mad by Mark Rubinstein

Blurb from press release:

When attractive and successful heart surgeon Adrian Douglas meets Megan Haggarty, a beautiful neonatal ICU nurse, at the hospital where they work—it’s as if the stars aligned to bring them together. Neither is aware of the dark shadow that is following close behind them. Strange and frightening events begin happening to each of them: burglarized houses, flowers sent anonymously with ominous messages, and the eerie feeling that someone is watching and following them at all times. They have a stalker—who is not only brilliant and crafty, but is seeking revenge for a crime  

that lives only in his own mind.  After nearly being run off the road, Adrian and Megan realize their lives are threatened. Danger escalates as the stalker breaks into their homes then pursues them with deadly intent.

After Adrian fights for his life, the perpetrator is arrested. The gripping trial seems to return a semblance of normalcy—but not for long.  More chilling surprises await the couple as Love Gone Mad concludes with an ending that will leave the readers questioning the country’s legal system and the competence of some members of the psychiatric community.

Publisher: Thunder Lake Press
Formats: ebook, paperback
Release Date: September 1, 2013
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Praise for Mark Rubinstein ~

Mark Rubinstein has done it again with another psychological thriller guaranteed to raise goosebumps. This time, the cauldron of suspense is filled with large doses of danger, intrigue, and lust. …Love Gone Mad will keep you on the edge of your seat…Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns that leave you exhilarated and begging for more.”

-- Judith Marks-White,
author of Seducing Harry and Bachelor Degree
"Mark Rubinstein's Love Gone Mad is a beautifully crafted suspense novel. The characters are people you care about, the story is fast-paced and cleverly plotted, and the dialogue is on-point. Let me warn you, though. This book is Stephen King scary. Some of the scenes were so intense I found myself wanting to get up and go check the locks on my doors and windows." 

-- Scott Pratt, bestselling author of the Joe Dillard series

 About the author ~ 

Mark Rubinstein grew up in Brooklyn, NY, near Sheepshead Bay. After earning a degree in Business Administration at NYU, he served in the U.S. Army as a field medic tending to paratroopers of the Eighty-Second Airborne Division. After his discharge, he went to medical school, became a physician, and then a psychiatrist. As a forensic psychiatrist, he was an expert witness in many trials. As an attending psychiatrist at New York Presbyterian Hospital and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Cornell, he taught psychiatric residents, psychologists, and social workers while practicing psychiatry. His first thriller, MAD DOG HOUSE was released in the fall of 2012. Before turning to fiction, he coauthored five books on psychological and medical topics. He also is a contributing blogger to Huffington Post and Psychology Today. He lives in Connecticut with as many dogs as his wife will allow in the house. He is currently working on his next novel. To learn more, please visit

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