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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cover Reveals! D.B. Reynolds and Patricia Briggs

Two hot new book covers were officially released this week, both by authors who are among my favorites. PNR author D.B. Reynolds has a novella releasing next week, "Betrayed", set in her Vampires in America world. "Betrayed" is a Cyn and Raphael story. D.B. commented in her blog post about the cover, "Plus, you can’t see it here, ‘cuz I don’t have the hi rez image yet, but Raphael’s eyes are black with a silver spark. So pretty." I'm looking forward to seeing those silver eyes!

Click on the covers for the goodreads synopsis.

The other new cover is "Frost Burned", the next Mercy Thompson book from Patricia Briggs. Sadly, it's not out until March 2013. That is a long time to wait. :( The cover was unofficially released by a European blog a few weeks but it's now official. Once again, it's by Daniel Dos Santos, who does amazing work.

Gorgeous covers, wonderful authors, good stories....I'm ready to read them NOW!


  1. *drooling wipes chin* love the new Mercy Thompson cover and cannot wait!

  2. Ahhhhh! Mercy is back! Daniel hit it out of the park again! Love my Briggs! (ooo, and Adam... mmmmmm)

  3. Well Kristin, you should be very happy. According to Patty's husband Mike, we get an Adam POV chapter. :)

  4. Love the covers. The second one was my fav.

    I'm new to following you thanks to RCCleanup and am inviting you to visit my blog at when you have some time.


    1. Hi emaginette, nice to meet you. I'll pop on in and take a peek. Thanks for visiting!


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