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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene and Me

As I type, Hurricane Irene is barreling up the East Coast of the US, moving from the Southern states up through New England, where I live. Right now, I just have rain, and it's not a hard rain. Sometime tonight the wind will pick up; depending on my news source, we could get gusts from 65 MPH up to 100MPH. I may lose internet (my neighbor has been letting me use his wifi connection) and will probably lose power. I have made preparations for my cat and I, and I feel reasonably confident that we will be ok.

However, depending on what happens, my planned reviews and posts for this upcoming week may be delayed. I apologize in advance and will get them up as soon as I reasonably can. It's also possible that the damage will be minor and everything goes up without a hitch. In the meantime, I am keeping both my cell phone, which is a smart phone, and my Kindle, fully charged. If I lose power or have to evacuate, I'll try to keep in touch on twitter and facebook via my cell.


  1. Stay safe! Hope it's milder than you are expecting.

  2. Thanks :)

    Compared to the Southern states, we have it easy. There's been damage - winds knocking down trees and branches, heavy rains, some power outages, some flooding along the coast. It's not great but it could be much much worse.

    I lost power for a few hours, otherwise I've been fine.

  3. Stay safe and I hope your power come back on soon.

  4. Thanks Laurie. It helps that I am inland and not on the coast. I have power so that helps. :)

  5. I'm happy to hear you were able to stay safe and didn't lose power for too long. Were there many damages to your house or property? I think that even though Irene wasn't quite as strong by the time it got up north, it was just as devastating to areas where this type of weather is so uncommon. Hope your neighborhood didn't sustain too many damages and are able to easily clean up and make repairs. In our area, its inspiring how much the community has really come together.

  6. Hi Happy Booker, I was very fortunate. I had no damage to my car or to the apartment building I live in. Some of my friends and co-workers weren't so fortunate.

    It sounds like you are in an area that was hit hard. I hope you and yours are safe. I'm delighted that your community is coming together, what a huge difference that makes!


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