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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12 Ways Libraries are Good for the Country

     As I mentioned in my post for the 2011 Support Your Local Library Challenge, I love my local library. I pretty much live there. I may even prefer it to a bookstore. After all, libraries haev FREE books :P , plus free periodicals, refernces, databases, and people, librarians, who are at your mercy (well, they are, come on) for advice, questions, etc.

     I am a firm believer in libraries, free libraries, where the user pays nothing to use the services barring small fees for services such as using a copy machine or a printer. Libraries are open to all, available to all, all you need is a card. I support my library and believe all readers should, to the extent that they are able.

     Ok, enough proselytizing. I read a fantastic article on how libraries are good for the country and wanted to share it. Although it's specific to the US, it's pretty applicable to any country. The article is the same as this post's title, and is from "American Libraries, the Magazine of the American Library Association". After you read the article, spread the word and go support your local library.

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