BEA'S BOOK NOOK "I can't imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once." C. S. Lewis “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” ― Oscar Wilde



Welcome to Bea's Book Nook. Originally, there was just Bea. Now, there are three of us: Bea, Jax, and Steph. Jax, Steph, and I met due to our love for Kelley Armstrong's board.

You'll find mostly book reviews here, but also excerpts, interviews, author guest posts, and giveaways. The genres we review are fairly broad; if it appeals to one of us, we'll review it. We don't do business or self help books but almost anything else is fair game. If you have a topic you want to see here drop us a line. 

Bea: I love to read. I will read any time, anywhere, almost anything e.g. laundry detergent bottle, lost newspaper, whatever is at hand. I enjoy fantasy of most varieties, some sci fi, romances, mysteries, childrens, YA, the occasional craft book, anything to do with early childhood and development, and early childhood education. I do NOT review cancer stories or books where cancer is central to the story. When I'm not reading, I play with my cat, make soaps, try to breathe, and teach pre-school. I'm a  substitute teacher, an author assistant, and a freelance copy editor & proof reader.

I've contributed to BookTrib and the now defunct Romance at Random

Jax: I've been reading for as long as I can remember. I still re-read my childhood favorites, and am looking for new YA jewels as my children get older. I used to say I was just a sci-fi/fantasy junkie, but as I look over my shelves, my collection is a bit more eclectic than I thought. History, romance, photography, cookbooks, poetry, psychology/sociology, shelves are a hodgepodge of notions and schools of thought. I hope you enjoy the mix as much as I do.

I sometimes beta read and those books are not reviewed here at the Nook.

Steph: Some of my earliest memories are of my mom reading Nancy Drew to me as a child. When she went to have “The Talk” with me, I told her not to bother, I had already read the book. I love to read and met my hubby on Kelley Armstrong’s board. There is nothing better than having a man that will buy you books for every occasion. I read anything and everything that catches my eye but my favorites are werewolves, vampires, dystopian and Amish romances. When I am not reading or adding to my already overloaded book shelves, I enjoy doing oddball crafts with my son, gardening and running.

Goof: Goof was Bea's cat for over 10 years and the inspiration for the cat icons on the blog,. He liked to sleep on her books and electronics, and always thought she paid too much attention to them and not enough to him. His contributions to the blog included looking handsome and sometimes starring in Cat Thursday posts.

Claude: Claude is Bea's other, now only, cat, the foster cat who never left, much to Goof's dismay. He also thinks Bea pays too much attention to books and not enough to him. He likes to wave his tail in Bea's face while she reads and occasionally stars in a Cat Thursday post.


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