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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blog Tour EXCERPT & 2 GIVEAWAYS - Priestess Dreaming by Yasmine Galenorn

Thanks for joining me for our stop on the PRIESTESS DREAMING blog tour!! Yasmine Galenorn "creates a world I never want to leave", according to Sherrilyn Kenyon... and this is the next adventure in that world. The amount of world building, character development, and GREAT STORYTELLING in the Otherworld series is why it's lasted so long, and why readers keep coming back. PRIESTESS DREAMING is the 16th book in the series, and D'Artigo sister Camille's 6th book as the main point of view. In the series, the three sisters, Camille, Delilah, and Menolly, are each half fae, half "something else". Camille is a Moon witch, who is, with her sisters and their partners, on continuing adventures to protect her family and friends, both on earth and in Otherworld, from a host of evil.


We're the D'Artigo sisters: savvy half-human, half-Fae operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. My sister Delilah is a two-faced werecat and a Death Maiden. Menolly is a vampire married to a gorgeous werepuma. And me? I'm a Moon witch married to three gorgeous husbands, and I'm about to journey through the veils to search for a long lost legend...
With the war in Otherworld raging, the Queen of Shadow and Night summons me to her court. Aeval orders me to embark on a hunt through the mists to find an ancient ally she once knew. I must seek out The Merlin and wake him from his long sleep. But Morgaine and Bran are along for the journey, and the pair pose a threat to both me and my quest. Now, surrounded by danger on all sides, I must pray they are allies rather than enemies, as we undertake a perilous search through the labyrinth of time...

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“Try to avoid killing them—they aren’t really evil.” I frowned. This was going to be harder than attacking a monster or demon. Killing pixies wasn’t high on my list of things to be proud of.
Shade stopped in his tracks, glancing over his shoulder at me. “Then what do you suggest we do with them?”
That was a good question and one we obviously hadn’t thought out. We were so used to being in seek-and-destroy mode that, until this moment, I’d forgotten that we really shouldn’t be killing these creatures.
“Talk to them?” Morio suggested, but then shifted nervously as the nearest three pixies moved toward us, looking for all intents and purposes like they were ready for some action.
I thought fast, but Delilah was faster. She shifted— transforming into her panther self in a blur of motion. A moment later there was a big black panther on the prowl and she bounded toward them, startling the little freaks.
The pixies chattered, darting out of the way, their attention off of us and onto the big black kitty who looked all too willing to play chase. Delilah took another leap and reached up with her massive paw, swatting the nearest one out of the air. Her swat was gentle enough to not actually hurt it, but hard enough to send it careening back across the roof.
I snorted. Sometimes my sister was pretty damned bright, that was for sure. Then, before the pixies could shift their focus to us, I summoned a bolt of energy from the Moon Mother, praying it wouldn’t backfire, and sent it into their midst, trying to aim so that it hit none of them. The energy raced through my body, into my arms, but suddenly, I felt a strange surge as it neared my fingers. Oh fuck, what was happening? Maybe the pixie dust I’d inhaled had managed to affect me after all?
I gulped, trying desperately to pull back the energy, but it was too late. The bolt shot out of my hands, into the air. Watching it shoot up, rather than toward the pixies like I’d intended, I prayed that it wouldn’t sweep back on us.
While the death magic I was learning with Morio tended to be spot on, my Moon Magic had always been a little off- kilter. Since I’d discovered that I was meant to be a Dark Moon Witch rather than the Bright Moon Witch for which I’d been trained, I’d been trying to re-learn my spells but it was going to take quite a while. My half-human heritage didn’t help matters much when it came to my spellcraft.
The energy bolt rose into the air, high overhead. Below in the streets, people were shouting and pointing. Oh good gods, they probably thought it was some sort of fireworks display. Maybe I’d luck out and that’s all it would be, but I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that whatever I’d just done would be something I’d live to regret. Hopefully, we’d all live to regret it.


It's a good idea to read the previous books in the series first. While each book does have a bit of a recap, there isn't enough information (which would have to be considerable, honestly) to start this far into the story and fully understand all that's going on. So, if you haven't started the series, DEFINITELY pick up WITCHLING and get going!!! One way to start... if you haven't yet... is to WIN a copy of WITCHLING!!! Also, you can click the rafflecopter link at the end of the post to enter a tour wide goodie bag prize hosted by Yasmine!!! (including random goodies, swag, and a $50 Gift Card!)
Witchling Witchling Book 1 Changeling Changeling Book 2 Darkling Darkling Book 3 Dragon Wytch Dragon Wytch Book 4 Night Huntress Night Huntress Book 5 Demon Mistress Demon Mistress Book 6
Bone Magic Bone Magic Book 7 Harvest Hunting Harvest Hunting Book 8 Blood Wyne Blood Wyne Book 9 Courting Darkness Courting Darkness Book 10 Shaded Vision Shaded Vision Book 11 Shadow Rising Shadow Rising Book 12
Haunted Moon Haunted Moon Book 13 Autum Whispers Autumn Whispers Book 14 Crimson Veil Crimson Veil Book 15 Priestess Dreaming Priestess Dreaming Book 16

Be sure to visit the other blogs on the tour for more fun posts, interviews, reviews... and more chances to WIN!! Also, check out Yasmine's blog for another exclusive contest! Here are the rest of the blog stops leading up to PRIESTESS DREAMING's release on Tuesday:

About Yasmine:

Hi, I'm New York Times, USA TODAY, and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn. In April 2012, I won a Career Achievement Award in Urban Fantasy at the Romantic Times Convention. I write urban fantasy/paranormal romance for Berkley: the Otherworld Series, (aka Sisters of the Moon Series), the Indigo Court Series, and the upcoming spin-off series in the Otherworld altaverse--the Fly By Night Series. And yes, I'm a shamanic witch and am considered an elder in the Pagan community, having been in the Craft since February 29th (yes, leap year day), 1980. I walk an eclectic path and consider my life to be a blend of teacups and tattoos--the former in my china closet, the latter on my skin--I'm heavily inked. I collect teacups, teapots, Old Country Roses china (Royal Albert), antlers and skulls (of the non-human variety), daggers and crystals. And of course, my bookshelves are overflowing with books. I cannot walk out of a bookstore without buying at least one book. My TBR pile is huge!


A goodie bag from Yasmine that will have misc items in it, including a $50 Amazon gift card. No purchase necessary. You must be of legal age to enter. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.



Thanks to Ms. Galenorn I have a print copy of the first book in the series, "Witchling" to one lucky US reader. No purchase necessary. You must be of legal age to enter. US only. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.

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