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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Review: Vampire Vacation by Laura Lavoie, Illustrated by Micah Player

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Source: the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: May 10th, 2022
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Blurb from goodreads:

Fang isn't like the other vampires. Will he be able to make his dreams of a beach vacation come true?

The last thing Fang wants is another vacation in Transylvania. He's toured Dracula's castle and the coffin museum enough for an eternal lifetime. Why can't he spend the summer swimming and surfing like his other friends? When his parents refuse, Fang decides to convince them that fun at the beach is possible, even for a family of vampires.

Laura Lavoie's clever text and Micah Player's devilishly fun illustrations are the perfect pairing for this hilarious picture book that captures the joy of having new adventures and staying true to yourself.

My Thoughts:

"Vampire Vacation" is a fun and humorous story about a young boy, a vampire child, who has definite plans about his family's next vacation. Fang may be a child of the night but he loves sun and summer and the beach. When his parents plan another trip to Transylvania, he sets out in earnest to convince his parents to take a trip to the beach. 

Fang comes up with different plans, trying to change his parents minds. They go to an aquarium, he creates a beach at home, he gets frustrated by their stubbornness. 

Fang's desire for a fun vacation, his efforts to make it happen, his creativity, are all relatable and cute. Parents will recognize their own children's desires to have input on vacation plans and children will relate to Fang's efforts to be part of vacation planning and do something they consider fun.

"Vampire Vacation" was a little over the top but lots of fun and with delightful art. 


  1. This looks cute! And honestly, based on the title of this one, "over the top" is exactly what I would expect.

    1. It is very cute, and over the top in a good way.


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