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Sunday, September 1, 2019

August Balancing the Books

picture of wallets and US dollar bills

Inspired by the now defunct Fantasy Is More Fun and by The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog, I decided a few years ago to track my book expenses. I'll do a wrap up post at the end of each month.

I've given myself $40 real money each month to spend on books for myself, $40 for professional books - classroom use, teaching, and editing, $30 a month for books that are gifts, and $10 a month for blog giveaways. "Real money" being cash from my bank account as opposed to gift cards and store credits. Books that I borrowed from the library or a friend, and books received for review do not count against my purchases though I'll track them here as books acquired. Personal funds not spent will be added to the next month and any overages will be deducted from the next month; gift and blog cash however will reset each month.


Personal Cash - $40
Professional Cash - $40
Gift Cash - $10
Blog Cash - $30
Amazon Gift Cards -$0
Amazon Promotional Credit - $0
Audible Credit - 4 Credits -10

Personal Cash Spent - $34.89
Professional Cash - $27.94
Gift Cash Spent - $7.94
Blog Cash Spent - $0
Amazon Gift Cards Spent - $0
Amazon Gift Cards Received - $0
Amazon Promotional Credit Spent - $2
Amazon Promotional Credit Received - $2
Audible Credit Spent - 1
Audible Credit Received - 1 Credits Spent - 0 Credits Received - 0


Personal Cash - $5.11
Professional Cash - $12.06
Gift Cash - $2.06
Blog Cash - $30
Amazon Gift Cards - $0
Amazon Promotional Credit - $0
Audible Credit - 4 Credits - 10



Perv by Dakota Gray

How did you do staying on budget this month? If you want to participate, use the graphic at the start of the post then link back here.


  1. I love John McWhorter! I need to listen again to his first lecture series for The Great Courses. It was really good, but I've forgotten a lot of it.

    I also like your idea of budgeting and tracking. I do track the titles I buy, but I've been avoiding looking at the financial side of things. (I don't want to know, because I might have to cut back!)

    1. Someone on Twitter was also raving about McWhorter. I may need to move this up my TBR pile.

      I used to not pay any attention to how much I spent but life got in the way and I had to start tracking. It also helps me track what I'm purchasing or receiving so I don't double up and can see which titles I have.

  2. Way to go tracking your book spending, creating the budge, and best of all, staying within the budget. :)

  3. I frequently blow my budget lol. Me and bookstores are not a good combination! :)

    Whenever I see the Raybourn books I always think that looks like a good series- I need to try it one of these days.

    1. Raybourn has more than one series. This is my first foray into this series. Bookstores can be dangerous places, one reason I have given myself limits, lol.


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