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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

2017 HoHoHo Read-A-Thon Sign-up Post

Yes! I've been waiting for this event since last year's ended. The HoHoHo Read-A-Thon is a week long event, hosted by the Caffeinated Reviewer, focused on reading books with winter or holiday themes. They can be any genre - romance, mystery, etc. - and any length.

There will be a Twitter party, games and challenges, and prizes. For all of the details, and to sign up, go here

As always, I have a lot of books that fit this theme. My list is an ambitious one and I likely won't finish them all, but that's part of the fun. :) Also, I tend to be a mood reader so the list is subject to change. I have almost 2 dozen unread holiday/winter books, most of them from previous years so I may read one not on the list below.

Slay Bells Ring by Karen Rose Smith (ebook, mystery) - Read 11/9 - 11/11. Review on 11/27
How the Finch Stole Christmas by Donna Andrews (ebook, mystery) - Started 11/14
A Wedding for Christmas by Lori Wilde (paperback,romance) - changed my mind 
Christmas in Destiny by Toni Blake (paperback, romance) - changed my mind
Burning Bright: Four Chanukah Love Stories (ebook,romance anthology)
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (audio book, classic)
The Chimes by Charles Dickens (audio book, classic) -  Listened 11/9
Holiday Wishes by Jill Shalvis  - Read 11/8
The Negotiator by HelenKay Dimon - Read 11/11. Review on 11/14
Murder for Christmas by Francis Duncan - Started reading 11/12
Sleigh Bells Ring by Jodie Griffin - Read 11/13


  1. You're definitely more ambitious than I am this year! Enjoy whichever books you decide to read. :-)

    1. It is ambitious but for me that's part of the fun. Happy reading!


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