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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Kindness of Readers

I belong to several author street teams and a couple of author fan groups on FB. Author street teams get a bad rap, and there are some that are quite horrendous in their behavior, but I researched the groups before joining. And may I say that some of them are just freaking awesome?

One such street team is the Beast Claws, the team for urban fantasy author Faith Hunter. I've read all of her Jane Yellowrock books, via my library or via review copies from her publisher, so I have not needed help acquiring copies. She has another book releasing next month, and I have a review copy. Over the weekend, some members contacted the group admin and offered to donate copies to members who needed them. It wasn't long before more members stepped and there are now over 30 copies being offered, some to members in the US and some to members outside of the US. That just blows me away. Here's the current offering, as of 2 hours before I wrote this:

Just a quick note: I have 24 copies for American distribution. I have 6 available for those not stateside. And 2 copies for Canada. I'll be going through names tomorrow night. If you are from outside the US or in Canada (this sounds weird, but hey, it's me) please contact me. I have one person from redacted for privacy reasons.

Now, I don't know how many people are donating, but I do know some people are offering multiple copies. Way to go Claws! That's a street team I'm proud to be part of.

There's a fan group, not a street team, I belong to for romantic suspense and historical romance author Pamela Clare. Pamela's had about 3 or 4 books release since I joined, and with every release, members stepped and offered copies of the books to members who couldn't afford to those who couldn't afford to buy their own copy. The donating members were generous, offering Kindle books and print books, even to other countries. During the year I was not employed, I was the fortunate recipient of several of Pamela's books. Since I've been working full-time, I purchased some of her backlist and I look forward to offering copies of one of her books in the future.

Do you have any examples of fan groups or street teams who have done something generous or kind?


  1. I'm not sure if I've ever interacted too much with a street team but this sounds awesome! I love how much everyone has responded. That's awesome!

    1. Yeah, both groups have some awesome people but the authors and admins set the tone. If you do your homework, you can hook up with some really nice ones.

  2. Readers are such nice people! I am not a part of any street teams but I have had people want to send me books before just because they loved them and wanted me to experience it too.


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