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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cat Thursday: Cats and Reading

 Welcome to the weekly meme hosted by The True Book Addict that celebrates cats; their foibles and humorousness and the joy they bring. You can join in by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you made or came across, cat art or share with us pics of your own felines, then post your link up at The True Book Addict.

This is both of my critters. Gah!


  1. Yeah what is it about books that they love? And only when we're reading them? :) What kills me is when they walk on the keyboard. Seriously cat?

  2. This is so true. If my cat isn't getting between me and a book she get behind it and starts head butting it so that I can barley hold onto it. Fun!

  3. That is hilarious! Mine has just recently decided she can lay next to me but she still isn't much of a lap cat.

  4. Oh my! I had to show my older daughter this her cat wormed her way in between her body and the laptop! *hahahaha*

  5. LOL every single time. Reader-cats. Gotta love em.


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