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Friday, November 20, 2015

Short & Tweet Reviews: Knotty Magic by Jodi Redford & Hot Summer Nights by Cathy Clamp

Publisher: Dancehall Diaries
Anthology: Hunks, Hammers, and Happily Ever Afters!!
Source: the author (Jodi Redford) in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: November 3, 2015
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Blurb from goodreads:

An anthology of novellas about hunky blue collar, hammer wielding heroes and the women who tame them. Stories are by USA Today Bestselling Authors Cari Quinn, Cathy Clamp, and Anna J Stewart, and featuring authors Jodi Redford, Amie Stuart, Leah Braemel, and Chudney Thomas.

Get down and dirty with this sexy blue collar bundle featuring seven original contemporary romance novellas that range from sweet to sizzling.

KNOCKOUT – Cari Quinn
All Emerson Knapp wants…is everything he shouldn’t have. When all his secrets come to a head, the only question left is how much he’s willing to lose.

Sophie Green is smart, gorgeous, and good with her hands. Can Gabe convince her to make her stay at the Starlight Motel a permanent one?

MARKED FOR LOVE - Anna J. Stewart
Overworked pub manager Regan Murphy is about to have her hands full with Lantano Valley newcomer and tattoo artist Brodie Crawford: a sexy single father who is far too distracting.
*this version of MARKED FOR LOVE is a spiced up version of the original sweet novella of the same title. Includes a never before published epilogue, available ONLY in this boxed set.

KNOTTY MAGIC – Jodi Redford
Hormones be damned, Tully Eastwood won’t succumb to her attraction for a sexy lumberjack—until she finds herself trapped overnight with him in the woods.

Construction Supervisor Lexi Kimball is the one person everyone loves to hate. Everyone except a sexy foreman with an adventurous streak, that is.

UNASHAMED — Leah Braemel
Two sexy construction workers double Hayley O’Connell’s fun. But can they convince her the fun should last forever?

LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR – Chudney Thomas
Mica Lawson is a failure and a flake; at least according to her family. Then one stalled elevator, and a sexy repairman, change her life.

Bea's Thoughts:

Inspired by Trish at Between My Lines and her Twitteresque reviews, I decided to do some Twitter style reviews for two short stories I read.

I chose two novellas, "Knotty Magic" by Jodi Redford and "Hot Summer Nights" by Cathy Clamp, from the Hunks, Hammers, and Happily Ever Afters!! anthology to review; I'll get to the other novellas later. It was my first time reading a contemporary romance by Clamp; previously I'd read some of her urban fantasy books. Jodi Redford is an author I read often, though I prefer her PNR to her contemporary romance.

"Knotty Magic" by Jodi Redford

"Knotty Magic" by @JodiRedford had nice use of fantasy & lots of sex but my attention wandered frequently & character development was light.

 "Hot Summer Nights" by Cathy Clamp

A sweet romance low on drama, angst, or conflict; it stretched credibility a bit, but Hot Summer Nights by @cathyclamp was enjoyable.


  1. love the twitter style reviews!!! short and sweet.

  2. I think that these twitter style reviews are a lot of fun! It is amazing how well you were really able to sum up your review in under 140 characters.

    1. I was wondering if I could adequately sum up the book in 140 characters.

  3. haha i love twitter style reviews, so different

  4. What a great idea to do a twitter style review on novellas! I'll pass on the first 1 but the 2nd sounds fun!

    1. I liked the second one, it was sweet and fun.


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