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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review & Excerpt: Ben's School Daze: A Story of Being Overwhelmed in a Sensory World By Robyn Sims & Joanne Larcom

Publisher: Peence & Rogue Designs Pty Ltd
Format Read: E-book
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Release Date: May 4, 2015
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Blurb from blog tour:

This is a story about Ben, a lively and active boy, who finds the sensory experiences within his day to be overwhelming.

Loud noises vibrate through his body and “shoes and sock bother him.. they never feel just right”.

This can make it hard for Ben to be a good student. But don’t worry, his teacher and mum know what to do to help him through his day.

Steph's Thoughts:

I love reviewing children’s book with my little guy and I love children's books that help him in some way. This book really hit home with us. We have known for a while that Liam has sensory issues. His teachers have pointed it out and this past year when we had him evaluated for autism, the doctor pointed them out. When I saw this book, I immediately wanted to give it a try with Liam to see what would happen. Books that he can relate to are something we actively seek out.

The words are easy and Liam had no problems following along as we read it but then something happened. Liam loves reading with me IF he is in the mood. When I was reading, he wasn’t really in the mood for books (cars are hard competition in this house) but the story about Ben made him curious. I hit a part about itchy tags and Liam perked up and started to get more curious about what I was reading. He walked away from his cars and came over to me! I asked him if tags on his shirt were itchy and he said “yes”. I knew from watching him that some tags bother him but this was the first time he actually said something about it.

There were a couple of places in the book where we stopped and discussed (as much as you can discuss such things with a 4 year old) what was happening to Ben. He understood that Ben liked and needed quiet times just like him. He actually said "like me" in more than one spot while we were reading.

This is a great book if you have a kid with sensory issues. Not only does it help get them talk to you about it (at least in our case) but it also helped me get a better grasp on some of the things that bother Liam. I can't tell you how many times, I have been frustrated or upset with myself or just felt like a "bad mom" because I don't always understand what is going on in his mind. He has a hard time verbalizing when he is upset. Any mom will tell you that it's hard when they are young and can't tell you what is upsetting them, it hurts even more when they just can't put into words what is wrong. While I may never understand all of his triggers, I gained some insight on how to get my 4 year old son to talk about what bothers him and that my friends is a wonderful feeling. I am actually teary eyed over this book.

I wish I could buy multiple copies of this book to pass out to people that my son comes in contact with on a regular basis.

Ben is a playful, lively boy
who is always on the go

He is out of bed at the crack of dawn
and never seems to slow

Lego, swords and action figures
 are his favourite toys

He loves running, climbing, riding
 and playing with other boys.

But something is going on for Ben,
it’s not always smooth sailing

At times the smallest request
leaves him stomping and wailing

His sister complains that he’s moody
‘cause his behaviour can be erratic

He plays up at dinner and bath-time
and parties make him frantic.

Ask Ben and he would tell you
that it’s hard to cope each week

With scratchy tags, stiff clothes
and horrid smells that reek

Shoes and sock bother him
they never feel “just right”

And hairbrushing “hurts”
so he protests with a fight.

About the Authors ~

 Robyn Sims is a paediatric occupational therapist who works in private practice with many children with sensory processing challenges. She is co-director of Magnetic Moves and co-presents workshops on SPD.

 Joanne Larcom is a mother to four beautiful children, one of whom has sensory processing challenges. She is co-director of Magnetic Moves and presents workshops on SPD with Robyn.

 Their latest book is the children’s picture book, Ben’s School Daze.

Find Robyn and Joanne Online:

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  1. It sounds great! My son and my grandson have sensory issues, and all these examples hit home for me. My son is a grown man who deals with it as he is able and my grandson is 9.

    I hope the book helps families with young children who don't have this problem understand why some kids cry when everyone sings happy birthday at a children's party and get anxious when balloons pop unexpectedly. Good choice you made!

    1. I was tempted by this book since I encounter sensory issues in classrooms but I worried it would be too much message and not enough story. But after reading Steph's review, I just may see about getting a copy.


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