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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Interview and Review: Kiss of Life by Seleste Delaney

Publisher: Seleste Delaney Books
Series: Blood Kissed
Format Read: ebook
Source: from publisher in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: March 2, 2015
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Blurb from goodreads:

The vampire’s curse has been awakened, and Jocelyn has no choice but to accept her destiny as the Blood Kissed—the one destined to destroy the vampires…or rule them. While Max and Chad want to help her reach her full potential, not all of the supernaturals share their plan.

The Council of Elders, a crazed sorcerer assassin, and a vampire hunter out for revenge have driven Jocelyn into hiding. She and her ragtag army have holed up in the forests of Michigan’s upper peninsula to get ready for the fight. If training is any indication, they should be ready for war by the time she turns fifty.

But no one is going to let her wait that long. War is nigh, the death toll is rising, and when Michigan’s most famous harbinger of doom shows up on the scene, the army of the Blood Kissed is hoping for a miracle, praying to be graced with a little kiss of life…

I've know Seleste for a while now, so it was a fun to be able to ask her a few questions with the new book coming out.
1. I know you try to make it to a few conventions a year. What kind of events draw your attention as a writer, and are they different than the ones you enjoy as a reader?

Actually the exact same thing draws me in as both an author and a reader. I want to have fun. I've been to a couple cons that are more business-centric and I always wonder why I'm there. It's not that I don't want to learn more, please don't get me wrong, but cons are *expensive* and I view them as working vacations, so if it's all work and no play... :/ Basically what I love are events that kind of run on the premise behind that one country song that says something about coming as you are. I want readers to get to know *me* and I want to get to know them, not some pretense we put up because "public" or "business." I want to be goofy and loud and dance and play Cards Against Humanity with them.

2. What has been your favorite convention moment?
There have been a lot, honestly. One of my highlights though was last year at RT New Orleans--actually *before* RT started. I was doing a vampire tour with my friend/assistant Dani and we were talking about the Blood Kissed series. I didn't think anything of it 1) because the con hadn't started yet and 2) because I tend to assume that no one knows who I am. (Apparently that second bit isn't entirely true...) So we're talking about the series and how I want her to read through books 1 and 2 and make a list of any loose ends I need to be sure to tie up. She says she needs to know the ending because reasons. So...I tell her one big reveal. The woman in front of us turns around and says, "Who are you?" Turns out she was a con attendee as well...and had the first of the prequel shorts to the series. I apologized *profusely* for spoilers, but she laughed it off. We all ended up going out to eat after the tour and hanging out a couple times at RT. 

3. Would you ever help organize a convention, or even a smaller event for authors?
 I was on staff for Steamtopia last year. It was a lot of fun but a lot of work. I'm actually in talks with a few reviewers about starting another con locally. This one we're starting to plan nice and early though, so hopefully it won't feel like quite such a crunch. (Plus this one will be just book-related, so there aren't going to be nearly as many branches of things to deal with.) In short, ask me again next year if I'd do it again LOL.

Jax's Thoughts:
I've been waiting forever for this! I have loved the series from the first book, and it's been great to see it evolve. It certainly has a different feel to it than its beginnings. It's not that there aren't still elements of the romance and love story, you can still find it there. But I feel like we've finally gotten to the meat of the tale, what it was really all about.

Jocelyn has embraced her heritage, and is striving to find her potential, despite life's twists, turns and obstacles. The world has grown, both for her and the reader. We learn more about the supernatural secrets and races, while finding new mysteries to be solved. It's an exciting read, that still holds onto the special humor I love so much in Seleste's writing. If you haven't read any of her books yet, you should check them out!


  1. Oh I wish there was a convention closer to me that I could go to. I'm hoping RT comes closer in a few years as I'd like to try it some day. But I've found a home at Balticon the last few years. Would be cool if Seleste could make it one year. ;)

    1. Start lobbying her now and maybe she can make the next one. :)

    2. I would love to come to Balticon, but the problem is (go figure) money. Between flights, hotel, and con fees I may actually have to attend FEWER cons in the future :( I'm hoping that isn't the case, but right now I'm having to look at more things that are at least reasonably drivable for me :( (Unless, of course, you have the line on some wealthy patron just looking to become a side character. I am really good at killing people off :P )


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