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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jax Reviews La Belle Femme by Aine Greaney

Publisher: Pixel Hall Press
Format Read: ebook
Source: publisher in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: Decemer 21, 2014
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An Irish short story told from opposite points of view, "La Belle Femme" follows Moira and Alan, both middle-aged, and both married to other people, who have used their every-other-month business trips to conduct a long-term illicit affair. During one rainy summer, Moira's marriage implodes, while Alan and his wife suffer empty-nest syndrome. Unknown to the other, each decides to finally end their years' long tryst. But after all these years,neither has a clue how to end it truthfully.

Jax's Thoughts:

An interesting short - all of 18 pages - that explores the mindset of two rather mundane individuals who have taken advantage of routine business trips to add a bit of spice to their otherwise unfulfilling lives. They both, for one reason or another, feel the relationship has run it's course and face the uncomfortable prospect of cutting ties and moving on. It's a very staid tale, no major drama. I'd call it a slice of life piece - it offers a quick look at a part of life that is often considered unworthy of being included in a story, and yet is still actually a compelling read.

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  1. A compelling read in 18 pages, the author must be really good :) I'll see if I can find it, thanks for sharing - I love Irish literature !


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