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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Book Share #120

 I'm participating in The Sunday Post, hosted by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer; Showcase Sunday hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea; Stacking the Shelves, hosted by Tynga's Reviews; and Bought Borrowed and Bagged, hosted by TalkSupe. All of these memes are about sharing the print and digital books received and/or posts and events on the blog.

2 more days and I'll be in Virgina, with my parents and siblings. I fly out way too early Tuesday morning and by noon I'll be at their house and settled in. I have posts planned for every day this week but I'm not taking my laptop so I won't be visiting or commenting much (though I will have my tablet and smartphone). I'll be back home next weekend though I'm not sure if I'll get a Sunday post up.

For everyone celebrating Hannukah, I wish a you a happy, joyous Hannukah and for everyone celebrating Christmas, have a merry and wondrous holiday. Best wishes for a wonderful week to everyone!

The Week In Review

Odd, interesting, or funny search phrases leading to the blog: A lot of the same old phrases but there were a couple new ones relating to an excerpt post I did not too long ago - "priya name word images" and "interesting full forms of word priya images"

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Review Consideration

Kindle Freebies

All Romance Ebooks has been doing their annual 12 days of Christmas ebook freebies and I've picked up several books. The rest are from Amazon or Smashwords.

Did you add any books to your shelves or e-readers last week? Leave a link to your Sunday Post so I can visit you during the week.

Happy Hannukah!

Merry Christmas! 


  1. I can't wait to read the new Lisa Gardner book--enjoy it! Hope you have a very pleasant visit with your family over the holidays and that you can relax away from the blog. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Enjoy your trip and have a merry Christmas! It's always nice to be home for the holidays with family. Nice guest post by Karen Harper this week- her books set in Appalachia sound interesting.

  3. Enjoy your book haul but mostly, enjoy your holidays with your parents, have a nice trip ;)

  4. Lisa Gardner books are always good! And Lighting the Flames looks like a cute read for the holidays. Hope you enjoy :)

  5. Some of those freebies look good :) I have already read Bad Kitty and loved it. Enjoy!

    My StS

  6. I hope you enjoy your time with family, Merry Christmas and Happy reading!

    Week In Review

  7. Happy holidays, Bea! Enjoy your trip and time with your family.

    My recap:

  8. Ooh, I can't wait to get Crash and Lisa Gardner's books...and the other Lisa, too, Unger. LOL

    Enjoy your week, and have a great holiday season! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  9. Lighting The Flames looks like a cute holiday read. Bad Kitty looks like a sexy read indeed. The rest of them are very sexy indeed.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  10. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family and Have a fantastic Christmas! oxoxox

  11. I also picked up Bears Gold. Nom! Safe travels and joyous wishes for a happy holiday! :)

  12. Earth Enchanted looks interesting, hope that you enjoy and have a great holidays.

  13. Happy Holidays, Bea! Have a safe and great trip with your family.

  14. Merry Christmas, safe travels & I hope you create more awesome memories with the tam!

  15. I'm reading the Summer Beach vets and grabbed Crash & Burn. Some good ones for while I'm off of work, which I can't for.

    Have a lovely Christmas with your family!

    My Sunday Post -

  16. Merry Christmas and have a safe trip.
    Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures

  17. These all look great! You have been very busy! Enjoy them. Hopefully there will be a few snow (or rain) filled weekends this winter when you can just hang out and read.
    Stacking the Shelves


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