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Monday, August 11, 2014

Quote-Tastic #54 Kindred in Death by JD Robb

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Time for more quotes from the In Death series by JD Robb aka Nora Roberts. This book had so many good quotes it was hard to choose. Most of these are from early on in the book and involve Eve and Roarke's cat Galahad.

She'd died and gone to heaven. Or better, because who knew if there was really good sex and lazy holiday mornings in heaven. She was alive and kicking...Eve Dallas, murder cop and ass-kicker, sprawled naked across her husband, who'd just given her a nice glimpse of heaven. She figured she'd given him a good look at it, too....


She felt the thump on the bed that was their pudgy cat, Galahad, joining them now that the show was over. 
She thought: Our happy little family on a do-nothing Sunday morning. And wasn't that an amazing thing? She had a happy little family -- a home, an absurdly gorgeous and fascinating man who loved her, and -- it couldn't be overstated -- really good sex.


He managed to get around the cat to draw her down for another kiss, then hissed.
"Why the hell doesn't he go down and pester Summerset for breakfast?" Roarke nudged away the cat, who kneaded paws and claws, painfully, over his chest.
"I'll get it. I want coffee anyway."
Eve rolled out of bed, walked -- long, lean, naked -- to the bedroom AutoChef.
"You cost me another shag," Roarke muttered.
Galahad's bicolored eyes glittered, perhaps in amusement, before he scrambled off the bed. 


"If you're not already what he wants, why is he making over you?"
"That's logic -- and self-confidence, and just doesn't apply to that first rush of romance, especially at sixteen. Just think back to when you were that age."
"I didn't care about any of that when I was sixteen. All I cared about was getting through the system and into the Academy."

Have you read any of the In Death books? What did you think?


  1. I haven't read any of the in death books. Actually, I didn't know they existed until today, but they look interesting!
    My Quote-Tastic: //

    1. The series is a good blend of mystery, romance, and sci fi.

  2. Heh that's my favoritest of series Bridget! I just adore those two. And Galahad. He's such an awesome "little" thing.

  3. I actually haven't read any from JD Robb yet. She's a very prolific writer, right? If I remember correctly, she has another pseudonym, which at the moment I could not remember! LOL :) Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog...

  4. It's hard to pick a bad quote from these books. :)


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