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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Welcome New Reviewer Steph to the Nook!


There's a new reviewer here at the Nook. I 'met' Steph years ago at the Kelley Armstrong board though we've never met in real life. Yep, Kelley's board; just like Jax and I met at Kelley's, and many of the authors who have been guests here, I first met at Kelley's. What can I say, Kelley's board was a happening place. Sadly, it's defunct now. But I digress.

Steph comes to us from Book Chick City; she left there and I snapped her up. :D So we now have myself, Jax, Steph, and CarolKat, though these days CK is more focused on her blog which she recently started.

A little about Steph, in her own words -

Some of my earliest memories are of my mom reading Nancy Drew to me as a child. When she went to have “The Talk” with me, I told her not to bother, I had already read the book. I love to read and met my hubby on Kelley Armstrong’s board. There is nothing better than having a man that will buy you books for every occasion. I read anything and everything that catches my eye but my favorites are werewolves, vampires, dystopian and Amish romances. When I am not reading or adding to my already overloaded book shelves, I enjoy doing oddball crafts with my son, gardening and running.

You should see her first review in a few weeks. Welcome Steph!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful welcome :)

  2. Welcome Steph!!! This is a great blog to be a part of. :)

  3. Welcome, Steph! I look forward to your reviews!

  4. Welcome, Steph! I hope you have a great time in this new home. I'm sure I read your reviews at Book Chick City before, but I'm looking forward to your reviews at Bea's :)


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