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Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Warm Your Heart" Christmas Blog Hop from Astraea Press

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Astraea Press! We love this time of year and our catalog reflects it. We have lots of Christmas/holiday/winter books we'd love for you guys to check out.

Is it the cooler weather? The fires in the fireplace? Family gatherings? Or our sweethearts under the mistletoe (yeah, I'm guessing mistletoe too ;) ) Whatever the cause, we want to celebrate Christmas and this holiday season with you. This is the third stop on a two week tour. Check out the rafflecopter for a chance to win a free Astraea Press Christmas book of YOUR choice (eep!). There is also a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

I want to thank Bea and all the other blogs who have offered to help. All of their facebook pages and/or twitter are on the rafflecopter. I hope you get a chance to visit them all.

So... MERRY CHRISTMAS from Astraea Press and our authors. We love our readers! Thanks for a great year.

~Kelly from AP

Disclaimer:  I am an employee of Astraea Press. I am not being compensated for putting up this post or participating in the blog hop. ~ Bea

Here's a sample of our Christmas books (I LOVE the covers! What do you think?) Two regencies for you guys today.

From Christy Graham Parker
Ghosts of Winters Past by Christy Graham Parker
Five years ago, Lord Henry left Lady Emmaline alone to face society’s scorn after the two were found in a compromising position.  Now Henry has returned to London as the Duke of Salle, determined to win back the woman he never forgot.
Lady Emmaline believes herself to be happy as a resigned spinster. Though her days are no longer filled with callers and balls, she has found her place in society and has no interest in romance. Her vow to withstand Henry’s renewed advances slowly crumbles, however, under his persistent and unwavering charm. 
Finally, they believe, the ghosts of their past have been banished.  That is until a new scandal threatens to separate them. This time, forever.
From Best selling author, Patricia Kiyono
The Partridge and the Peartree by Patricia Kiyono
Phillip Peartree, Duke of Bartlett, dreamed of a peaceful life with a suitable mate until a hunting accident left him scarred and nearly deaf.  Resigned to spending the rest of his days alone, Phillip has devoted himself to rebuilding his family estate.  But, a chance encounter with a lovely young woman in a dusty bookstore rekindles his almost-forgotten hopes and dreams.
Lady Amelia Partridge has no time for the frivolity of the London social scene. She is much too busy.  In addition to her work with the Ladies Literary Society, she has a mission – educating poor children in the city. She also has a secret life, one she fears might drive away the young duke who has become increasingly important to her.


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  1. I'm not loving the girl in the first cover art but the second one is really good!

    1. Actually, I agree. The look on her face is just... wrong.


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