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Monday, December 2, 2013

Quote-Tastic #27 Muskrat Atonement

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This week's quotes are from "Thrown", a romance by Collette Auclair; my review will be live at 8AM EST today. I picked several quotes, enjoy!

Grady was pleased with his first round of "muskrat atonement. He'd asked about her well-being, her foot, her apartment, and if he'd thought of it, he would've asked about her lung function or her truck's carburetor-anything to show concern. It wasn't as effortless as usual, though. He realized he wanted her to like him. 


"Tomorrow's the day. First lesson at nine. New horses, new students," she said.
"I'll order more liquor. You may want to consider morning martinis for the remainder of your tenure."
"I'm sure you're exaggerating." 

"She has them doing push-ups when they curse!"
"Mary Poppins?"
"Amanda." Grady sighed. "I make a great living pretending to be other people. I can buy anything I want. I've met the president-at the president's request! But I can't get an eight-yearold to eat four pieces of asparagus."
"Correction. You can't get an eight-year-old to eat one bite of asparagus."
"Bite me."
"Ha! You wish."


Sure, tonight she had said he was hot and was cuddled against him, but that meant nothing while she was a VIP on Planet Percocet.

Amanda looked up and stopped breathing. He was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Don't stare! She gazed into the depths of her Mintini.

As you can see, this book has a good sense of humor. Do you like a little humor in your romances?

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  1. I saw this book somewhere and was curious. Now I may actually have to read it. Thanks for the quote. =)

    -Amanda P

    Where the Night Kind Roam

  2. Have not seen this around. Great quotes. Will have to check it out.



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