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Monday, November 11, 2013

Quote-tastic #24 There's Not Exactly A Snipers-R-Us Store.

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If you love PNR, you ought to be reading D.B. Reynolds. Her Vampires in America series is hot and smart. This quote is from the novella, "Betrayed: A Cyn & Rafael Novella", book #5.5 in the series. This scene occurs after there was an assassination attempt on Rafael, a Vampire lord and not someone you should mess with. Cyn is his mate and a private investigator; she takes his security very seriously.

Cyn scowled. This was not what she wanted to hear. On the other hand..."Okay, but housewives aren't exactly hiring themselves out as assassins. So who is?"

"Ah, that does change it. Okay, maybe a double handful outside the military or sanctioned government squads, although some of those guys have been known to work on the side, too."

"If I wanted to hire someone like that, where would I look?"


"Murphy," she mimicked impatiently.

He sighed. "Dammit, all right. But there's not exactly a snipers-r-us store, you know. Something like this would be word of mouth, not even a damn classified ad in the back of a magazine. You'd have to know the middle man, and he'd have to trust you well enough to put out feelers."

Cyn paused, trying to decide if there was anything between the lines of what Colin was saying. "Would something like that be localized? I mean, do snipers have territories?"

"No, Leighton," he said with forced patience. "We have airplanes now. I'm sure you've heard of them."

Have you read any D.B. Reynolds? What did you think?


  1. LOL point to him. I have her on my tbr mountain. One day hopefully I'll get to them :)

    1. LOL Mount TBR. I know it well.

      I like Colin and he's not even a vampire. :D

  2. Oh I love this series! I can't wait for Aden to be out

  3. "Airplanes, maybe you've heard of them." LOVE the snark. This sounds great. I wonder how I have missed this series/author?


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