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Monday, September 2, 2013

Quote-Tastic #17 Not done yet

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This week's quote is from "Loyalty In Death" by JD Robb, part of her series, In Death. I love this series so much. Two of the secondary characters, Peabody and McNab, cops like the main character Eve, are involved. They're having makeup sex in this scene.

 They'd finally made it to the bed. Peabody wasn't altogether sure how they'd managed to get from the elevator to his apartment to his bed without killing each other, but that's where they were. The sheets were hot and tangled, and even now when McNab rolled weakly off her, her body pumped heat like a furnace.

"I'm not done yet," he said in the dark with a voice that hitched. 

Peabody snorted, then began to laugh like a loon. "Me, neither. What are we, crazy?"

"A couple of more times, we'll be dead."

Have you ever read the In Death books? What do you think?


  1. Heh they are so much fun. I love there little side story :)

    1. I like them both and they add a lot to the series.

  2. It has been such a pleasure watching them meet and fall in love over the series. Plus, Peabody's ability to make Dallas' eye twitch is not to be discarded lightly. LOL.

    1. Very true. That alone makes Peabody a valuable character. :D

  3. Lol - nice quote. I haven't read any of Roberts books as JD. I know I should though.

  4. Fantastic quote! I need to start this series.

    -Amanda P

    Where the Night Kind Roam


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