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Monday, July 1, 2013

Quote-Tastic #9 - We're not naked, we're skyclad.

Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup has created a new weekly meme. Want to join along?

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 Today, I went back to one of my favorite books; choosing only one quote was a challenge! Paige has been publicly accused of witchcraft, among other crimes, and some people have unexpectedly shown up on her lawn to support her.

I peered out the back door before exiting.
Except for the Wiccans, my yard was empty. When I stepped outside, the Wiccans stopped, turning as one body and bestowing beatific smiles on me. I approached slowly. Cortez followed at my heels.
"Sister Winterbourne," the first one said.
She threw open her arms, embraced me, planted a kiss on my lips, then another on my left breast. I yelped. Cortez made a choking noise that sounded suspiciously like a stifled whoop of laughter.
"My poor, poor child," she said clasping both my hands to her chest. "They;ve frightened you so. Not to worry. We're here to offer the support of the Goddess."
"Praise be to the Goddess," the others intoned.
The first one grasped my hands. "We've begun the cleansing ceremony. Please, unburden yourself of your earthly vestments and join us."
Cortez choked again, then leaned down to my ear and murmured, "I should check on Savannah. If you decide to comply with their request, let me know. Please."
He retreated to the house, racked by a sudden fit of coughing. I grabbed the nearest discarded robe.
"Could you please put this-could you all put these-could you get dressed, please?"
The woman only bestowed a serene smile on me. "We are as the Goddess requires."
"The Goddess requires you to be naked on my lawn?"
"We aren't naked, child. We're skyclad. Clothing impedes mental vibrations."


  1. ha! I've not heard of this one, but I bet that turned out to be one hilarious scene! I would totally flip if some witch on my lawn decided to get up close and personal with my boob! LOL Great quote!!

    1. Oh, you have to check out this series; it's one of the best UF series ever. It's done now so no long waits between books.

  2. LOL Bea I have this in my favorite quotes file and was so going to use it one day. The skyclad had me rolling. Loved Cortez and Paige. They were one of my favorites in the series. Great pick :)

    1. I love Paige and Lucas <3. I have other quotes from the book I want to use, maybe we'd better coordinate. :D

  3. What a great pick. I had forgotten about that line. One of these days I am going to go back and reread the first few books in the Otherworld series again.

  4. oh, that's funny! I like Kelley Armstrong's books.


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