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Friday, July 19, 2013

Jax Reviews The Lost Code and The Dark Shore: Books One & Two of the Atlanteans by Kevin Emerson

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Format Read: Nook book
Source: Free Friday read from Barnes & Noble
Release Date: May 22, 2012
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Book Blurb: (taken from goodreads)
The Lost Code: In the year 2086, Camp Eden promises summer “the way things used to be,” back before the oceans rose, the sun became a daily enemy, and modern civilization sank into chaos. Located inside the EdenWest BioDome, the camp is an oasis of pine trees, cool water, and rustic charm.
But all at Camp Eden is not what it seems.
No one will know this better than 15-year-old Owen Parker. A strange underwater vision, even stranger wounds on Owen’s neck, and a cryptic warning from the enchanting lifeguard Lilly hint at a mystery that will take Owen deep beneath Lake Eden and even deeper into the past. What he discovers could give him the chance to save the tattered planet. But first, Owen will have to escape Camp Eden alive…


The Dark Shore: Owen and Lilly have escaped Camp Eden, but the next step on their journey to find Atlantis and protect it from Paul and Project Elysium involves crossing the perilous wastelands of a wrecked planet. And unlike in EdenWest, where bloody truths were kept hidden beneath the surface, out here the horrors live bright beneath the poisonous sun.
With treachery at every turn, Owen has no choice but to bring his wounded clan to the dark shores of Desenna, a city built from the ashes of EdenSouth. Desenna's blood-soaked walls may hold the key to Owen's journey in the form of the third Atlantean as well as a deeper understanding of the true purpose of the Three, but there are also secrets lurking in the shadows, waiting to be unleashed, and once they rise, there may be no escape.

Jax's Thoughts:

Yes, we are a bit inundated with YA dystopia series lately, but this one has Atlanteans!!! 

There is something about anything Atlantis that grabs my attention. Perhaps it's because it invokes images both mystical and yet still technical. So when I saw this as a Friday Freebie, I had to grab it. I wasn't disappointed. 

Set somewhere in the future, after we foolish humans have decimated our world, Emerson concocts a tale that is both magical and wonderfully grounded. Technology that is just a bit outside our grasp, especially with the dwindling resources, feels like an unearthly power when discovered. And, somehow, even as we learn more about what is happening to Owen and his friends, the events don't lose their wonder. Nor does it lessen grittiness and danger of situation.

I tip my hat to the author for also deftly handling teen relationships in all their awkward glory. The story addresses everything from the jockeying for social status to the ubiquitous hormone fueled romances, without crossing the line for the intended audience.

I was drawn in by every twist and turn, enthralled by the ups and downs of their voyage and discoveries. And was totally disappointed to realize that the third book isn't out yet! This is a series worth getting invested in, and waiting for.

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  1. Ooohm I have seen this series and didn't pick it up. It sounds like something I would like to read. Great review. I'm glad that were so sucked in, but it does suck that that 3rd book isn't out yet. :)


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