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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Available for Pre-order! Brazen, Nick's story, by Kelley Armstrong

*Does the Snoopy happy dance*

It's here! Well, it isn't actually in my hands or anything like that but Nick's story is available for pre-order and baby, did I pre-order. LOL 

I love Kelley's world and especially her werewolves. Nick has long been one of my favorites so I am ecstatic that he has a story. She did write a hilarious short story about him several years ago that can be found in one of her anthologies but this is longer and presumably more in-depth. Plus it has art by Xaviere, who has illustrated many other novellas and short stories by Kelley.

The details ~ 

Available in two versions, trade and limited. Trade is a fully cloth bound hardcover edition, priced at $28US and will feature a full-color dust jacket as well as four full-color interior illustrations. The limited version, which I splurged on, is also hardcover, bound in leather, with a different dust jacket than the trade edition, full-color endsheets, and two additional full-color illustrations not in the trade, and only 1000 copies available. They are signed and numbered and cost $48US.

The blurb ~ 

Nick Sorrentino knows everyone in the supernatural world considers him the Pack’s playboy, the pretty but not very useful werewolf whose only reputation involves his amorous exploits.

Usually, Nick couldn’t care less what anyone outside the Pack thinks of him. But when it affects his hunt for Malcolm Danvers, a psychotic bogeyman from the Pack’s past, it matters.

Necessity forces Nick to team up with mercenary half-demon Vanessa Callas to run Malcolm to ground in Detroit. Together, they discover Malcolm is more deadly than ever. And he wants to play.

It’s time for Nick to prove he’s not just a lover.

He’s a fighter.

Nick taking on Malcolm, this ought to be good.  :)


That's a lot of blood and bones. I can't wait to find out what happened.

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