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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Children's Book Week Review of Zoophabets ABC Book: Animal Alphabet A-Z by Rob Mabry & Michael Golez

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Author: Rob Mabry
Illustrator: Michael Golez
Format Read: Kindle Book
Source: I own it.
Release Date: September 2, 2012
Buying Link: Amazon It doesn't appear to be available elsewhere.

Blurb from Amazon:
Can an alligator ride on an airplane? Do zebras zoom on zip lines? They do in the magical world of the Zoophabets. Take your child on an alliterative adventure through the alphabet with this charming, colorful ABC book for kids.

There's an adorable Zoophabet character for every letter of the alphabet from Allen the Alligator to Zed the Zebra. Your kids will love the delightful animals that inhabit the world of the Zoophabets.

Teach your child their ABCs with this wonderfully illustrated alphabet book that's best appreciated on a device that displays in color. Babies and toddlers will love having this read to them, learning letters, animals and objects on every page.

Preschool age kids will enjoy the alliterative sentences and cute characters as they read about vultures with violins and beavers riding bicycles.

Bea's Thoughts:

The illustrations in this book are cute and not overly detailed. Each picture nicely illustrates the letter being depicted and the authors use both lower and uppercase versions of each letter. They also use a simple, clean font which makes the letters easy to see and read and use that same font for the text. There's an animal for each letter and a sentence involving the animal and at least two other words that start with the letter. So for H, we have "Henry the Horse is hiding in the hay" and the picture illustrates the sentence. A few of the words used in the book are probably not found in most children's vocabulary which is a great way to stretch their vocabulary.

Overall, it's a cute book that does a good job of introducing the alphabet and new words.

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