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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Giveaway! BUNKER HILL: A City, A Siege, A Revolution by Nathaniel Philbrick

Are you a history buff? Is the American Revolution an interest of yours? Then this book might need to be on your bedside table. Written by award-winning historian Nathaniel Philbrick, it looks at the events and people around the siege.

Blurb from the author's website ~ 
Boston in 1775 is an island city occupied by British troops after a series of incendiary incidents by patriots who range from sober citizens to thuggish vigilantes. After the Boston Tea Party, British and American soldiers and Massachusetts residents have warily maneuvered around each other until April 19, when violence finally erupts at Lexington and Concord. In June, however, with the city cut off from supplies by a British blockade and Patriot militia poised in siege, skirmishes give way to outright war in the Battle of Bunker Hill. It would be the bloodiest battle of the Revolution to come, and the point of no return for the rebellious colonists. Philbrick brings a fresh perspective to every aspect of the story. He finds new characters, and new facets to familiar ones. The real work of choreographing rebellion falls to a thirty-three year old physician named Joseph Warren who emerges as the on-the-ground leader of the Patriot cause and is fated to die at Bunker Hill. Others in the cast include Paul Revere, Warren’s fiancĂ© the poet Mercy Scollay, a newly recruited George Washington, the reluctant British combatant General Thomas Gage and his more bellicose successor William Howe, who leads the three charges at Bunker Hill and presides over the claustrophobic cauldron of a city under siege as both sides play a nervy game of brinkmanship for control.With passion and insight, Philbrick reconstructs the revolutionary landscape-geographic and ideological-in a mesmerizing narrative of the robust, messy, blisteringly real origins of America.
Publisher: Viking
ISBN: 9780670025442
Format: Hardcover
Length: 416 pages
Release date: April 30, 2013

Check out the book trailer too ~

Interested? Thanks to the publisher, I have one finished hardcover copy to give away to one US resident. Enter below using the rafflcecopter. Giveaway ends April 20th. Please read my Giveaway Policy.

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  1. I would have supported the British.


  2. I would have fought for America!!

  3. I would have been on America's side.

  4. I would have fought with the Patriots over the British. I must have been so exciting and frightening starting a new government with more freedoms of choice. Thanks for entering me.

  5. Thank you for the clip. It was very interesting.

  6. I would have been a Patriot for sure. I am doing the War through the generations reading challenge and this book would fit in perfectly. Thanks for the chance to win it.


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