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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cat Thursday - Where's my dinner?

Welcome to the weekly meme hosted by The True Book Addict that celebrates cats; their foibles and humorousness and the joy they bring. You can join in by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you made or came across, cat art or share with us pics of your own felines, then post your link up at The True Book Addict

My cat gets three meals a day but he'd prefer it if he could eat whenever he wants, as much as he wants. I used to work two jobs out of the house, 50 - 60 a week, which meant that sometimes he'd go 10 or 12 hours between meals. So, for many years I'd just put out food and refill as needed so he didn't go hungry but he gained weight that way. So, the vet and I put him on a diet and a schedule and he HATES it. I don't need a clock with him around. He is my clock. :D


  1. Tricky bugger tries to fool you into thinking it's mealtime when it's not, I bet ;-)

  2. 16 pounds?! Woah!!! My cat of 14.5 years only ever weighed 9 pounds at his heaviest. He was all fur so he looked bigger than that. Here's to healthier eating!

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

  3. He has lost weight, he used to be heavier. He was losing weight too fast though so the vet had me increase his intake. Now, he's losing weight at a healthier pace.

  4. LOL, poor, starving kitty :) One of my cats is "obese" at 14 lbs but it's really difficult to restrict his food with so many pets in my house. The vet is isn't worried yet but one day he may have to go on a diet and it won't be pretty.

  5. Oh the horror! lol My babies would not be pleased. They panic if they can just see the bottom of their bowl. Glad he's losing at a safe rate now!

  6. LOL! This is great! My cats are pretty demanding about their meals too.

  7. lol, they are something, aren't they? Love the photo.

  8. Love that pic...gorgeous calico cat there!

    I should probably do that with Alice. We just leave the food out and she does seem to be getting pretty fat. She weighs about 14-15 pounds. When I took her to the vet, they didn't say anything so maybe she's not as fat as I think she is. However, they did say they couldn't believe she was a female because of how she's built and how big she is. LOL!

  9. Oh my word, your cat is adorable!

    I have always free fed my cats. Mine are so "particular" that once their bowl gets to a certain level, they want their food changed (they are NOT "bottom feeders"! Tsunami thinks he's human anyway, so he only eats cat food if he can't find a way to hunt his human's poultry (Dad spoiled him while he was young!) And Legend? He likes to play with his food...

    Happy Cat Thursday to you!

    Create With Joy


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