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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Knitted Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael


The only knitting book focused on lingerie and lingerie-inspired designs

Underwear has come out. Once kept demurely concealed, lingerie now pervades every fashion category, inspiring designs for day looks, loungewear, evening clothes, and accessories. Slips have become dresses unto themselves. Bra straps are meant to peek out from under tank tops. Camisoles are worn on their own or as layers over or under other clothes. Now, with Knitting Lingerie Style, designer Joan McGowan-Michael interprets this undeniable fashion trend for the knitter and, along the way, shares fascinating stories about lingerie history. Did you know that it was airplane magnate Howard Hughes who masterminded the underwire bra? 

McGowan-Michael's 30-plus designs, stunningly photographed by Thayer Allyson Gowdy, range from the truly functional-knitted bras, slips, corsets, camisoles, and stockings-to the purely fun. The brassiere inspires a curvature-enhancing twinset. The baby doll negligee is the basis for a lacy little gown and a matching thong set that's both luxurious and (slightly) notorious. And a ribbed, laced-front sweater is an updated-and much more comfortable!-take on the classic corset. 

The only book of its kind on the market, Knitting Lingerie Style includes projects that are bold and sexy, daring us all to bare a little skin, as well as more understated and demure, with sizes ranging from petite to plus.

The yarn I've got to make this camisole. Not finished yet, but it's been fun working on it.

Jax's thoughts:

I've had this book for a bit, lingering over the lingerie while trying to decide which piece to make. The directions are easy enough to follow, though I don't think I'd recommend some of the patterns for newbies. I like the charts. I've tried some other patterns from this designer, and loved the results. She's got great insights in how to fit things for curvy women. (Also, you can actually reach her on if you have questions.)The textures of both the designs and the yarns she uses are just beautiful. She's got an excellent range of sizes represented, so as long as you know your measurements, it's really easy to figure out which set of instructions you need to follow. 

One of the things I love best about her work is the classy aspect to what she does. There is a time and place for some of the more racy lingerie out there, but I love the slightly vintage look/feel to her work. It takes you back to a time when it was sexy to not show it all. Some patterns are meant to leave you basically bare, but some have a more Victorian take on things. There's a good balance.  

I bought/own this book, as well as several of her other patterns, which you can find on her website, White Lies Designs.

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