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Monday, January 7, 2013

Excerpt from EDGE OF THE PAST By Jennifer Comeaux

Today I'm pleased to present an excerpt from a new romance, "Edge of the Past" by Jennifer Comeaux. I had the pleasure of reading it pre-publication as I did the line edits for it. Jennifer and I "met" when she saw on goodreads that the book had been added and someone, me, had a status of 'currently reading' for it. She messaged me, curious about how I could be reading a book that hadn't been published yet. I replied along the lines of "Oh hi, I'm Bea, your line editor." I explained that I use goodreads to help me keep track of books I am currently working or have worked on. I also now email authors I haven't worked with before to introduce myself; it helps cut down on confusion. :D

Now, the book is finished and available for purchase. I have an excerpt for you and a giveaway, but first some information about Jennifer. She started writing stories when she was seven years old and dreamed of one day seeing her name in print. Dreams of being a writer were overruled by practicality, however, and she decided to go the business school route, earning a master's degree in accounting from Tulane University. While at Tulane, she kept her creative muscles loose by writing for the school newspaper, The Hullabaloo. Seeing her name in a byline was great, but she still dreamed of writing a novel and having it published.

Writing was put on hold while she became a Certified Public Accountant and worked as a corporate tax manager. Not until a few years ago did she pick up her writer's pen again, thanks to encouragement from a friend.

Even though she's lived in south Louisiana all her life and has only stepped on an ice rink once, she is a passionate fan of figure skating and follows the sport closely. This passion spurred the idea for a story, a romance between a skater and coach, and after years of toying with the idea in her mind, she finally put the story down on paper. It started as a fun project to share with friends, but then she realized she wanted to share the book with a wider audience. She buckled down and learned how to be a better writer, and through many hours of writing and rewriting, the story came alive. LIFE ON THE EDGE became her first completed novel!

When she's not working or writing, she enjoys traveling, especially to figure skating events, and photographing all of her adventures. Attending competitions has allowed her to visit some wonderful places and meet some wonderful people. She couldn't have written LIFE ON THE EDGE without those experiences!

She is currently working on book three of the Edge series and hopes to have it published in late 2013.

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After I got comfortable in my pajamas, I climbed into bed with my laptop to check email but never made it to my inbox. Thinking back to the conversation at dinner, I pulled up a search engine and typed Sergei Petrov and Elena Gorshkova. With a click on the Images tab, I landed on a page of photos from Sergei and Elena’s competitive days.
I’d looked at the pictures before – Sergei and Elena with their World Junior Championship gold medals, action shots from their winning free skate, and their celebration in the kiss and cry when they received their scores. But now I studied them longer, knowing I’d soon be in the city where all the history had taken place.
Elena and I had the same petite build, perfect for pairs skating, but our other physical features differed greatly. Her raven hair, cut in a bob, contrasted with my long, dark blonde locks. And her eyes were brown, almost black – the total opposite of my blue ones.
Even though Sergei and I had a lifetime together ahead of us, a twinge of something – perhaps jealousy, perhaps curiosity – hit me as I stared at the photos. Elena had given birth to Sergei’s child. His first child. They’d always have that bond, no matter the time and distance between them. Going back to Russia would surely trigger old memories for Sergei, especially since his father was obsessed with past mistakes.
I shut my laptop and burrowed deeper under the blankets. The ghosts must finally be put to rest.


Author: Jennifer Comeaux
Series: Edge #2
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Format: ebook, paperback
Release Date: November 27, 2012
Length: 471 KB, 269 pages
Buying Links: Amazon   Astraea Press   Barnes & Noble

Disclosure: I work for Astraea Press, the publisher. I also worked on this book. I am not being compensated by Astraea or the author for participating in this tour or putting up this post.


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  1. Thanks so much for being part of the tour! Hope we get to work together again at AP :)

  2. Love the excerpt, can't wait to read the book. I'm a huge figure skating fan.


  3. Can't wait to read this book..Thanks

  4. I really excited to see this out, Jennifer! The cover is gorgeous. I can't wait to read. I have on my reading list for summer once I get out of school. Good luck with the tour!


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