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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Live Chat with Author Susanna Sonnenberg

BookTrib is having another live chat; this time with Susanna Sonnenberg, author of  the non-fiction book "She Matters (A Life in Friendships).

If we’re lucky we have a few special girlfriends on whom we rely for comfort, companionship, and to be there during the important events in our lives.  Friendship is something that, when nurtured, can blossom into sisterhood.  Studies have shown that the more close friends we have the less stress we harbor inside.  So grab your BFF and join the BookTrib Live Chat with  Susanna Sonnenberg, this Thursday, January 31 at 1pm EST. 

This is the first in a new series of 20 Live Chats  on to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Meryl Moss Media Relations promoting authors. 

As always, they’ll have a  give away: copies of "She Matters (A Life in Friendship)" and also other “girlfriend friendly” surprises.

Click on the photo below to RSVP.

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