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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gunslingers and Ghost Stories

A few weeks ago I shared the cover for a forthcoming anthology, "Gunslingers and Ghosts Stories". One of the contributors, J.A. Campbell, shared an excerpt from her story, and some information about the book, with me but didn't have a complete listing of the authors or stories. Well, she emailed me recently with that information, so, for your enlightenment and reading pleasure, a complete listing of the stories.

Blurb and Author Lineup For Gunslingers and Ghost Stories:

Ghosts are not just found in haunted houses. They have a disturbing
tendency to turn up where you least expect them: like saloons,
brothels, Indian ruins–and sometimes even in the middle of a gunfight.
Saddle up for a haunted ride through the Wild West. Featuring spooky
stories by Joel Jenkins, Dana Bell, Laura Givens, Henrik Ramsager, Kit
Volker, Kenneth W. Cain, Adrian Ludens, C. J. Killmer, Darla Upchurch,
John Howard & J. A. Campbell.
  1. Old Mother Hennessy - Joel Jenkins
  2. The Ruins - Dana Bell
  3. Chin Song Ping and the Hungry Ghosts - Laura Givens
  4. Gentleman Caller - Henrik Ramsager
  5. Smoke People - Kit Volker
  6. Avenged - Kenneth W. Cain
  7. Ghost Soup - Adrian Ludens
  8. The Empty Holster - C. J. Killmer
  9. Forever in Oro - Darla Upchurch
  10. Mountain Man - John Howard
  11. The Saloon of Doom - J. A. Campbell 
Publisher: Timescape Books, an imprint of Science Fiction Trails
Editor: David Riley
Release Date: December, 1st 2012
Formats: Print, possibly ebook

Only a month to go until it's released!


  1. YAY! My story got some good "reviews" at the ghost story reading last weekend. And by reviews I mean I would have sold several copies of the anthology if it had been available.

  2. Oh, excellent! That's a shame it wasn't ready yet.


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