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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Authors Are Classy

There has been a frigging meteor storm on the web lately about authors and bloggers behaving badly. I won't link to any of the misbehaving sites or obnoxious posts. Not even to the calm and rational posts addressing the problems. I need a break from the drama. No, this post focuses on the authors behaving themselves.

In the past few days, I've received emails from two different authors concerning posts on this blog. One was a nice thank you for a promo post I did; the author thanked me for participating in her book's blog tour. Now, most of the time, a thank you is considered a good thing. In the blog book reviewing world, it's not so simple. Many people feel authors shouldn't comment on, or even acknowledge reviews, while others feel it's rude if the author doesn't. The poor authors are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Now granted, this wasn't a review, but it was still nice, and a bit risky on her part, to email me. I appreciate it.

Now, the other email I received was in respect to a review I did. It was a mixed review, some negative points and some positive points. I tried to be balanced, and to give examples. I received a thank you from the author (brave! but he did do it via email, privately), and it included the following quote:
If I didn't write this ebook I would  go out buy it myself after reading your review."
Now that's a classy author.

I wrote this post on the spur of the moment and didn't check with the authors in question to see if they were willing to have me use their names publicly. So for now, I'll keep their identities private, but I felt I should share their examples of authors behaving well. We can all use a smile now and then.

Got any examples of classy authors? Share in the comment section, by name or anonymous, doesn't matter.


  1. My experiences with authors has been wonderful and for that I am thankful. Authors, writers, publishers, bloggers are all made up of unique,individuals and I hate to see any group bad mouthed because of one or two individuals.

  2. Ditto what Kimba said. I think that we all need to step back from the drama and realize that this is a minuscule percentage of the authors/bloggers that exist.

  3. not such a tiny percentage as you might think...over the past year I've blogged I've had trouble over 3 star reviews with 8 Indie authors...8...and they're not remotely part of what's going on now -.-

  4. Anonymous, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm like Kimba, my experiences have been positive. I've had a couple minor complaints from authors, though neither was self published. I'm not trying to minimize legitimate problems. I just feel like all of the recent drama is overshadowing all of authors who are wonderful to work with. I've been lucky, I know, and I hope it continues. I hope your situation improves!


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