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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's almost burning time!

On Monday, I talked to the research nurse in charge of the study that I'm participating in. I was approved and accepted into the research study back in April. I was sick enough but not too sick. :D But, I had been on prednisone too many times in a 12 month period so we had to wait three months, hoping I didn't need any prednisone in that time period, and then within that new 12 month time frame, I'd have an acceptable number of prednisone doses. I'm now 2 weeks away from that magic one year mark. I WILL stay off prednisone for the next two weeks. I WILL! Now, that might seem easy, but my allergies are a trigger for an asthma episode, as is humidity (it's summer where I live) and stress. Trying not to stress, about anything, will stress me, lol. So, it's not impossible that I develop an asthma episode in the next two weeks, which would mean going on prednisone, which would mean pushing back the surgery.

Once I hit that lovely, delightful, magical one year mark, I go back to the asthma specialist and repeat previous tests to ensure that I'm still a match for the study. If those results come back acceptable, then we set a date! Right now, the earliest possible date is July 24th, a mere month away. Squeeeeeeeeeee!

When I have that date, I'll post it. Heck, you'll hear me shouting in joy all the way around the world.

Now, the surgery is not a cure for asthma. Nor is there a guarantee that it will, in fact, provide me any relief. BUT...I have nothing to lose. We have tried everything else, I'm on a boatload of meds, yet asthma still rules my life. It's worth a try. Now, I just need some allergy relief and then I'd be downright healthy.

So, please, if you wouldn't mind, cross your fingers, pray, send positive vibes, and so on, that everything works out for me. It will be much appreciated.


  1. Good news so far! I'm sending all the positive thoughts I can your way, I'm really hoping that this all works out for you.

  2. Thanks Sam! I'm hopeful, optimistic even, and I'm usually a pessimist.

  3. Fingers and toes crossed. (i had my eyes crossed but i couldn't read!)

  4. Good luck! I'm sure that everything will work out for you. I'm sending positive thoughts your way, just keep up the optimism!

  5. Hi Bea,

    My thoughts are with you - I hope that you'll get better soon!



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