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Monday, May 7, 2012

Top Ten Things A Writer Should Never Do.

Faith Hunter posted this on facebook and with her permission, I'm reprinting it here. It seems to fit well with the post I did a few weeks ago about authors commenting on reviews (and, in fact, one FB commenter on Faith's post suggested that authors should not respond to bad reviews), especially since proper author behavior is a hot topic these days. Some of these are humorous, some more serious, but all are good advice for a writer who wants to have the respect of their readers, and their peers too. Honestly, most of it is common sense and good manners; both seem to be in short supply these days.

Faith's List:

10. Video interview with color (or curlers) in your hair
9. Dance the funky chicken -- on camera -- at a con (actually, I think I'd enjoy seeing that - Bea)
8. Pass gas while doing a book signing
7. Throw up in your editor's lap at a fancy dinner (or anywhere, really)
6. Panic because you get a paper cut and your DNA is all over
5. Have your security intimidate rowdy fans with physical violence
4. Cuss out the bookseller because they didn't have your books face out
3. Refuse to sign an old, dogearred book (hey, just sign the dang thing, okay?) (What Faith said. - Bea)
2. Insult an interviewer
1. Ignore fans
Faith's disclaimer from her facebook post:  Not saying that I have done these. (shakes head) But I've heard of them...
Do you have any that you'd add to this list? 
5/8 ETA: Faith also posted the list over at her blog. You can see it here.


  1. I am stunned that any of these happened. And, yes! Sign the book. They bought it. It doesn't where or when.

    1. I know! Sign the frigging book! If it's dog-eared, it's been read many times, AND the reader took the time and trouble to get to the signing. Sheesh.

      As for some of the others, *shakes head* Authors, grow up and have some respect, at least in public, for the people buying and reading your books and earning you, however small, some money.

    2. I'd think an author would be proud to sign a dog-eared, torn up, roughed up, and old edition of their books! It means the reader read them, used them, loved them, enjoyed them! Can't imagine why anybody would turn one down. o.O

    3. Yeah, I would think an author would be flattered that a book of theirs was so well read. Sure, the signing may be to promote a new book and it would be wonderful if the reader bought that and had it signed, but can't they also appreciate the fan who cares about their older books too?

  2. Sometimes gas happens. Just try to make it silent and deadly...

  3. LOL Krista.

    It's true that you can't always stop gas from happening. I think, if it happens, a quiet "excuse me" and move on is good.

  4. "Do you have any that you'd add to this list?"

    Never put on a wig and pretend to be Kelley Armstrong at a con just to get perks and free food, especially if you are a man...

    Never send out a letter with every copy of your book you give out for review mentioning your ancestral connection to the Spanish Inquisition and referring to the thumb screws you included in the package as, "Just the beginning..."

    1. TJ - LMFAO Those are excellent additions. :D

  5. This was so funny, because I had clicked the link to read later, then just came back, opened the window forgetting what I had clicked on and saw, "8. Pass gas doing a book signing". Then was like, "whaaa?" and scrolled up to see what on Earth the title was. LOL! Yeah really, common manners here!


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