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Monday, May 28, 2012

Review of Black Dawn by Rachel Caine & A Giveaway

Publisher: NAL Hardcover

Series: The Morganville Vampires #12
Release Date: May 1, 2012
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Book Blurb (from goodreads):

The hotly-anticipated twelfth installment in the Morganville Vampires series

In Last Breath, the rain brought a new and dire threat to Morganville and its vampires... their ancient enemies, the draug. Now, the vampires are fighting a losing war, and it will fall to the residents of the Glass House: Michael, Eve, Shane and Claire, to take the fight to an enemy who threatens to destroy the town, forever.

Lovers of Morganville, rejoice: Black Dawn takes the intrigue, romance and nail-biting suspense of the series to its highest level yet!

When she and Theo left Amelie's rooms, Myrnin was standing in the round area with the coffee station, staring at the remaining bits of breakfast on the trays and frowning as if he couldn't quite work out what to do with the cup and saucer in his hand.
I'm in vampire central, Claire thought. She wasn't used to being constantly  surrounded by the nonbreathing sort of people; most of the time it was just her, Shane, Eve...and she never really thought of Michael as a vampire, much. Myrnin was familiar, but she never forgot how sharp his fangs were, either. She was with Theo, had just come from Oliver, and now there was Myrnn, and she was starting to feel a little like a hamburger at a dieters' convention. Nobody was likely to snack on her, but absolutely everybody noticed she was edible. 
Reviewed By: Bea

Bea's Thoughts:

My attention dragged at times while reading this book but honestly, I think that had more to do with events going on in my personal life while I was reading, than it did with the story itself. A LOT happens in this book and Morganville will never be the same again. I was confused about a couple things in the book but I think that is due to having started the series with book 11, "Last Breath"; had I started at the beginning it might have been different, and they were minor matters. The draug, the major baddies in this book, are NOT nice but you know what? Neither are most of the vampires. By the time the book ended I was scared about what will happen next. I like Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael and I want life to be smoother for them.  And even though I'm still new to the series, I was very sad at what happened to some of the characters in this story. At times, it felt to me like Caine was cleaning house, starting the series over. I'm curious if long- time readers felt that way too. It was a strong entry to the series and I enjoyed reading it.

I received a hardcover from the publisher for review.


As much as I've enjoyed the books by Caine that I've read recently, I'm running out of room on my shelves, so I'm giving away all three books - Unbroken, Last Breath, and Black Dawn. Three books, three winners. 

The rules: 

US residents only, sorry.
You can enter for one, two, or all three books. There will be a different winner for each book.
Please follow all the directions so I don't have to disqualify you. That's been happening quite a bit lately. 


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    Thanks for another amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

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