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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm too stupid to write a review.

I told Bea I'd have a review ready for today and I fully intended to.  I've had plenty of time and several good books to spark my interest, so despite the throbbing sinus headache, and the warm bed calling me I fully intended to sit down and write a review.

Then it happened.  My sweet supportive husband reminded me, just as I carried or little man to his bed, that the Early Intervention people would be here first thing in the morning to do an in home interview with me.  We had the first evaluation to see if he really was behind on learning to speak or if he was just one of those kids who have never needed to speak.  They accepted that he's behind on just talking, that we aren't letting his daycare raise him, we're not neglecting him, etc, so now we're at the in home portion.  Yay.  The lady I spoke to told me not to clean up, as they wanted to see his everyday environment, but tonight is my Saturday.  It's the day I usually clean a little, then go to bed early and get up and clean some more while my son and husband are out of the house.  I'm not supposed to clean especially for the interview, but it's my day to clean.  Where's the line of 'normal' and 'oh-my-god-someone-is-coming-to-visit' in this case?

Crap sticks.  Crap, crap, crappity crappertons.

So I start cleaning up.  Then I realize something: Bea's asleep, there's no explaining where I went and why I promised something I wasn't going to deliver on.

So I break out some Adult Power Words.  Y'know the four letter kind, they get used freely and with great feeling, then I realize that this is more procrastination and get back to work

I've vacuumed, straightened the play room slightly (furniture/large toys need to be adjusted after the vacuuming), there's a load of dishes running, counters are wiped down, stove top is cleaned, laundry is piled up ready to go, and the bathrooms are calling my name while holding up toilet brushes and scrubbing bubbles.

I'm taking a break to write this while the latest dose of decongestant starts doing it's job, in the hopes that you'll all forgive me for being such a flake.   I apologize for being so bad with my time management.  I really should have had a pretty little review up for you guys today.  

Okay, enough of this form of procrastination, the bathrooms won't clean themselves.  Wish me luck.

Liz, the lazy lady of (no) leisure

P.S.  If you're feeling generous allow me to hide behind you when Bea comes to kick my ass for this.


  1. Adult PowerWords, snicker. They're wondrous words when all else fails. And hey, this is is your first successful posting something accomplished!

    Good luck with the EI visit. I'll try to get a review up this weekend.

  2. You can come and hide behind me. I will Protect you. In the meantime take care of you and your family the rest including a review can wait.

  3. I love the adult power words and for that saying you should be excused..but we want an awesome review..soon. Good luck with everything :)


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