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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cover Reveal for Westward, Home! by J.A. Campbell

Yes, the lovely Ms Campbell has ANOTHER new cover. The last book in her Into The West series, "Westward, Home!" has been unveiled and Julie is currently working on proofs. There's no release date yet. All I know is that it can't come soon enough! I've been waiting for M O N T H S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So without further ado, the new cover -

The title also pays homage to the first book in this series, "Westward, Yo!", which is a nice way to end the series. I like the purple font, it's eye catching. I also like the shade of purple; if you read my cover reveal for "Summer Break Blues", I was NOT fond of of that purple. Honestly, it was the shade. Purple is one of my favorite colors but that shade, just no. THIS purple above, I like and it's judiciously used.

Anyway, I like this cover and I am bouncing up and down waiting for it to come out. I'll be poking Julie on facebook until it comes out. :P


  1. Hehe, I liked the SBB purple because it made the water glow all creepy like :) And this purple and black is good too.
    It's kind of ironic that both covers came purple and black, cause those are my favorite colors.

    Barring delays it should be out next week, but I won't promise. hehe. And I'm glad you like the title too :)


  2. Sweet thanks for sharing this.


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