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Friday, April 20, 2012

Cover Reveal for Summer Break Blues by J.A. Campbell

It's no secret that one of my favorite YA authors is J.A. Campbell. Her Into the West series is favorite and I really enjoyed her vampire YA book, "Senior Year Bites". The next book in that series, "Summer Break Blues" now has a cover!

Notice the background - rocky shoreline, lighthouse on a hill? The story is set in Maine, a New England state, and I'm proud to say that one of my co-workers, who often visits Maine, was able to answer questions for Julie and provide some details since Julie had never been to Maine and wanted to be sure that she got the details right. If she messed up, we'll just blame my co-worker! LOL (Sorry C )

I think it's interesting that main color on the cover was changed to purple. Also, kind of funny since "blue" actually appears in the title and the cover for the first book used blue. But then, I have an odd sense of humor. The purple does, I think, give the cover a moodier, slightly edgier feel. What do you think?

What do you think?


  1. Being a rainbow fanatic, I think that purple should come first hehe But I do agree with the humor you see in the use of Blue for the first cover instead of the second. Maybe if the blue would have been used for the second it would have been a bit cliche? Anyway, I like the covers as a whole, and while I'm not a teen, I think they are both attractive and eye catching. A very good combination :)

  2. It would have fit, but most likely when Senior Year Bites' cover was created, the title of Summer Break Blues wasn't a title yet. While I agree that a blue tone to the second book would be cool, if they go for a third book then you would almost be expected to keep the color theme blue....

    Either way, I like the whole tinting thing with the covers, and I like the purple tint to this one. Great second cover.

    p.s. J.A. Campbell is my favorite Young Adult writer also. :)

  3. You both make good points and I admit, the cover is growing on me.

  4. Both colors and covers look good to me. Love the Lighthouse/beach scene. I'm a New Englander and love all things beach related. :)

  5. *Grin* Thanks guys :) I love the second cover. I like the first one but I really like the second. I must admit, purple and black are my favorite colors, so I'm a bit biased but she really did a good job of capturing the idea of the book while keeping the theme with the first one.

    Bea, thank you so much for this post.


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