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Thursday, February 9, 2012

UK Cover for Kelley Armstrong's "Thirteen"

Kelley released the cover for the UK edition of "Thirteen", which incidentally, is apparently being released as "13" in the UK and not "Thirteen" like it is in the US and CA. Now, I prefer the North American cover, but this one is certainly eye catching.

Kelley also announced that "Thirteen" will have a bonus story and some author notes. I'm not sure if this applies to the UK edition also.

From Kelley's board post:
After much negotiating, we've decided to make all Thirteen hardcovers a collector's edition with bonus material. They'll be priced the same as regular hardcovers, but the story will be "bookended" with the character who started it all--Elena. The hardcover will reprint the prologue from Bitten, along with a note from me about the genesis of the series. Then it will end with a brand new story about Elena and the Pack after Thirteen, along with yet another note from me, discussing the end of the series.

The Elena story is, of course, the big bonus. It'll be called "From Russia, With Love" (yes, they let me keep that title Smiley ) It's a hefty story (about 7500 words or 25 pg). I didn't want to just write a little epilogue scene. Elena and the Pack deserve more, so I gave them an actual story.

That's the plan, then. I'm thrilled that my publishers allowed me to do this and I hope readers will enjoy this little extra.
 I am so excited! I'm delighted to get another Elena story and Kelley's notes will be interesting I'm sure.

What are your thoughts?


  1. This is freakin awesome! Thanks for sharing it! I'm sooo excited too!

  2. Pretty cover! I love it! It's very appealing! :)


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