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Saturday, December 31, 2011

JUST FOR FUN Reading Challenge

I'm cutting back on my challenges this year. Although I met all of my goals for 2011's reading challenges, I didn't do well, at all, at tracking them and linking them to the appropriate host blogs. So for 2012, I am only entering one, the Just For Fun Reading Challenge, hosted by Lori, of the blog
The idea for this challenge is just what the name says: Read books just for fun, and not because we agreed to review them. The goal is to read one book for fun each month.  Read 1, yes, just 1 book for fun each month.
All book formats are allowed, printed, audio, e-book, which makes the challenge easier for me. These books can be counted in our total books read for the year challenge and to one other challenge, but not to cross them over to many other challenges as they really are to be read JUST FOR FUN!
I'm looking forward to this, as I didn't read as many books just for fun in 2011 as I would have liked. I've already started. :)

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