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Sunday, October 23, 2011

In My Mailbox #7

In My Mailbox was started by The Story Siren. It's a way to share and highlight all the books we receive, even if we don't review them. l share books that I buy, that I receive for review, get from the library, borrow from a friend, etc.


I recently discovered Hearne's Druid series and I'm really enjoying it. I'm late to the party for The Iron Fey series but I'm making up for lost time. I am thinking I'll review the entire series in December, all 4 books and the 2 novellas. As for Enthralled, it has a Kelley Armstrong story, need I say more?


One of the local libraries (the one I frequent for free wifi) had it's semi-annual used book sale. I ended up getting 11 paperbacks, about half of them new-to-me authors. As you can see, many are cozy mysteries. I do like a well written cozy mystery.

For Review

I've only read a few books by Sandra Brown but I do like romantic suspense so when I had the chance to review it, I accepted.

I aslso downloaded some Kindle freebies. :) It was a good book week. How was your week?


  1. Ha, I haven't even JOINED the Iron Fey party yet, so you definitely are farther than me :)

  2. Oh, your library has Hammered! Mine is not that advanced yet lol. Great books this week! Hope you enjoy them!

  3. CHristy, I tend to be late to most popular books, movies, etc. This one has been on my radar for awhile, I just haven't had much time.

    kara-karina, I'm lucky enough to live in a state that has an excellent library system. If the local library doesn't have a book, they will order it from another library anywhere in the state, at no charge.

  4. Great books this week, you got a lot, wow! Please come check my IMM.

  5. reading hounded/loving so far/ the iron druid sreies is fun

    tnx comenting

    happy reading

  6. La La La La La. I'm not listening, I'm waiting for my copy of Hammered to land. La la la la la.


    Seriously some great looking reads there. I'll have to borrow the idea at some point. TO keep things up to date.

  7. @Falcata Times - silly man. I love my library system. I'd marry it if I could :D.

  8. Great books this week Bea!!! i can't wait to see what you think of entralled!!


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